Mommy & Ollie Favorites

It has been awhile since I have posted a few of our favorite things (click here to view my last post of our favorites) & I thought it was about time.  Since it is summer, I wanted to keep my favorites simple & fresh!  And as always, I was NOT paid by any of these products to say these things, I just really like all of these products ;)  Hope you enjoy & have a happy Wednesday! 

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint in color Orchard  I LOVE Bite cosmetics!  I was first introduced to their company at a Sephora on Maui (I actually posted a review of one of their lip glosses, where you can read if you click here) & I fell in love.  This color that I am writing about is my new favorite!  I went to Sephora in Virginia right before the start of summer, in search of a fun & new lip color.  I had seen a few of my favorite bloggers & friends sporting a purple color & I thought that would be a cute color to have for summer!  I tried on soooo many lipsticks & lip glosses & the majority of them dried out my lips or felt to sticky & heavy.  Then I remembered Bite & asked to try on a few of their lip tints.  I absolutely fell in love with the color Orchard!  It was a purple color, but since it was a lip tint, you could make it as light as you wanted or if you applied it a few times, it would get darker.  I was sold, PLUS the fact that this product actually moisturized my lips & felt really light, I knew it was the one for me.  A few things to note about their products is that they are free of parabens, sulfates & other un-natural ingredients.    

My Water App  Ok guys, I am HORRIBLE at drinking water!  I seem to always forget, yet I make sure Oliver drinks enough.  I stumbled upon this app on iTunes when I was searching for healthy apps.  It is perfect for me because I can set reminders on the app to let me know to drink water.  The app is FREE & really simple to use.  Plus, if you use it everyday, you can get points for drinking water, which then if you have enough points, they reward you with gift cards!  SCORE!

Delicious Ella Cookbook  I follow her blog (you can find her blog if you click here) & I have her app on my phone.  She has so many gluten & dairy free recipes that are super simple to make.  When her cookbook finally came out in the U.S., I bought it on Amazon right away!  Everything that I have made of her recipes are amazing.  She makes eating gluten & dairy free easy & tasty for our family!

Spring's Eden Coconut Milk Mango Hand Cream  My sister gave me this hand cream for Christmas, along with the bath soap & candle.  The smell is pure summer & I carry the hand cream everywhere with me!  Since moving to Boise for the summer, my hands are so dry & I have to apply hand cream all the time.  This cream is small enough for your purse, but it has lasted me forever!!  Also, the candle and bath soap smell just as good!  You can find their products at an Anthropologie near you ;)

Now, onto Ollie's favorites!

Battat All Aboard Figure 8 Train Set   We bought Oliver this train set from Target for his birthday. This kid is addicted to trains & since we didn't want to get a huge train track (since we have to pack everything up in suitcases), this figure 8 track was perfect!  Plus, at the time, this track was on sale PLUS it came with a train floor mat!  Oliver plays with it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

Babyganics Face & Hand Wipes  This is probably one of my favorites, but Oliver will thank me later ;)  One of my friends introduced me to these wipes & they are perfect to take with you anywhere.  We go to the playground a lot & I am a germa-phobe, so anytime I can wash Oliver's hands & face, I do!  These make it easy since pretty much ALL playground bathrooms do not have soap.  Each pack contains 30 wipes & they are gentle on the skin & do not smell!  Plus, they fit easily in Oliver's fox backpack.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack  This was another one of Oliver's second birthday presents from us.  We take this backpack EVERYWHERE.  One time I forgot to bring it (we seriously were just picking up Matt from work which is 5 minutes away) & he cried "pack pack" the entire way!  We carry pretty much everything in this backpack.  Diapers, wipes, books, snacks, teething tablets, trains, stuffed animals, binky, his favorite blankie, water bottle & extra clothes.  And no, I am not just writing all those things, we really do carry all that stuff.  Since we put all that stuff in the back pack, Oliver can't really wear it because he falls over backwards with how heavy it is.  This is hilarious to me, because I pretty much use it as a diaper bag.  Not to mention, he usually wants ALL of that stuff in the "pack pack" as he calls it.

Thomas' ABC Book  We actually found this book for a couple bucks at T.J. Maxx a couple weeks ago.  He LOVES Thomas (not a fan of the show- I think it's to scary for him??) & books, so when he saw this one, I knew we had to get it.  Plus, it's educational!  This is one of those books that we take everywhere.  It is perfect in the car & takes up all his attention (which is great for road trips).

I hope you all enjoyed this post & let me know what are some of your favorites right now!  

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