Mommy & Ollie Favorites

Happy Thursday lovelies!  I know it has been awhile since my last post, but I want to just say thank you for ALL the sweet comments, emails & texts from my last post.  I was so overwhelmed with how many of you have experienced or felt the same.  I just want you all to know that you are all beautiful & were made perfectly by God!

I have done a few of these mommy & Ollie favorite posts and want to keep up on them!  I will start to do one a month, so let me know if there are any products you guys love & think I should try!

First off, we have my favorites!  I wanted to do a little beauty haul of the last things I have purchased because I love them all.  I have to state that I am in NO way a beauty expert, nor was I sponsored with any of these items!  I purchased all of these items or they were gifted to me by family/friends.  I purely just want to share my favorites with you all :)

EOS Pomegranite Raspberry Shave Cream  I just recently purchased this shave cream from Target & it is safe to say that my legs love me for getting this!  What really caught my eye was the pretty packaging & then I saw that it was the EOS brand (love their lip balm) so I thought I would try it out.  It is a little bit more expensive than what I usually pay for shave cream, but I read some really great reviews which made me want to try it.  When you pop the lid off, it has a pump fixture where it pumps out almost like a thicker lotion consistency.  You just apply a thin layer and shave & let me tell you, it feels way better than the foam cream I usually buy!  Plus, it smells amazing!  I almost want to use it as a lotion after I shave too ;)  Anyways, it was worth the $3.49 because you don't need a lot to apply & your legs feel so much softer.

LUSH Cupcake Fresh Face Mask  Ok, so if you follow me on Instagram then you have seen my beautiful morning face look ;)  Just kidding, but I do think that this face mask is probably my favorite ever!  I lived in England for a semester & my roommates & I would go to LUSH & we would pick up this chocolate face mask...  It smells amazing & my skin feels so smooth afterwards.  You should go and read their product description for this item on their website because it is hilarious!  I feel old when I am using it now because it was first invented for teenagers HAHA... But I just don't care because my face feels smooth, tighter & softer!

Pixi Correction Concentrate- Brightening Peach  So, I don't know about any of you, but since becoming a mom, I consistently have dark circles under my eyes.  It's horrible.  I called my mom when I was in Target the other week & asked her if she has used Pixi products before.  She told me the NUMBER 1 thing to get from them was this Brightening Peach product because it is the best (I totally trust her opinion since she has worked in the beauty industry for many, many years!).  I tried it the next day & couldn't believe how great it worked.  It made my eyes look more awake (if that makes sense) & I feel like I really haven't used as much foundation/concealer as I had previously.  I think, out of all the products I post here, this one I totally recommend getting :)

LOREAL Extraordinaire Gel Lacque 123  A lot of you have been asking what color nail polish I had on in the picture below.  My friend Bobbi (over at recommended I try the Loreal Gel Lacque & when I got to Target, they had it on clearance!  I was so excited & then I picked up the gel color called Miss Luster-ess 702.  I love the color & wore it on my birthday!  Again, I don't know what it is about my finger nails, but they NEVER hold on to polish for more than a day without chipping.  I had high hopes for this gel polish, but it didn't last that long.  But then again, not many do, so if you guys can keep nail polish on longer than 2 days, PLEASE let me know your secret! 

Now, on to Oliver's favorites!

FinomenallyClothed Infinity Scarves  I first mentioned Amanda's Etsy shop in this post back in December.  We LOVE her scarves for Oliver.  We have three cute ones so far & will be definitely getting more!  At first I was afraid Oliver wouldn't like them, but he actually wore the first one we received ALL DAY LONG!  Amanda is so talented & her son Fin is the cutest!  I am actually really thankful I won the scarf giveaway for Oliver because Amanda & I have become friends.  I will say it again that I love the Instagram community of moms!  I love meeting new people & I am so blessed that some of these moms have become good friends.  So, definitely check out her adorable scarves for both boys & girls (babies-adults)!

IKEA LATT Children's Table & 2 Chairs  When we went to D.C. last month, we stopped at Ikea & bought Oliver a couple of things for his room.  I have been wanting a little table for awhile so that way he could use it to color on or read, or whatever.  When we saw this table we knew we had to get it.  It cost $19.99 & included two chairs!  I knew beforehand that it wasn't the most sturdy table, but for the price it has been great!  Matt set it up in less than an hour & then Oliver woke up from his nap  & was so excited when he saw the table!  Well, side note, he woke up SUPER grumpy so we laid him back in bed for another 30 minutes, then when he was ready we got him up AND then he was excited :)  He uses his little table everyday & for me it is nice because it is easy to keep clean.

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit  My parents actually got this for Oliver for Christmas & he loves it!  I actually had been eyeing it for several months prior, but never bought it.  Oliver was so excited when he opened this gift & I was thrilled because I LOVE wooden toys & try to get him primarily those types of toys.  He still doesn't really know how to use most of the tools, but he is learning fast.  Plus, I am not scared when he is playing because there is nothing sharp in the tool kit.  The next thing I want to get him is a workbench (maybe future birthday gift)!

B. HiPhone  We bought this for Ollie last week & he plays with it all the time.  He never leaves home without it, which is both hilarious and scary at the same time!  He always loved playing with our phones, but he presses the screen and buttons way too much & I feel like he will break them any second.  We got this phone in the color Lime & the cool thing is that one of its features is that I can record something.  So I will record my voice saying I love you or something else along those lines & then Oliver can replay it back whenever he wants!  Super cute & not that annoying.

Bravo if you all finished reading this!  I ramble so much but I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any awesome products that you love! 

Happy Thursday sweet friends!

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