roadtrip essentials for a toddler

Today is Matt's final day working at his internship, which means that he has one month off before classes start in the fall.  I am so excited to have him for a month!  To kick off this month off, this next week we are headed to Oregon for a week vacation with Matt's family.  The trip is close to a six hour drive & so I know I need to be prepared with lots of goodies for Oliver!  We are leaving early Sunday morning, so we are hoping he at least sleeps a few hours in the car.  I actually LOVE road trips & I know Oliver has traveled well in the past, but since turning 2, he hasn't been on a long road trip in awhile.  I thought I would show you all just a few road trip essentials I put together for this little trip. These things aren't his actual luggage items, just what we are bringing for him in the car (to keep him entertained).

Some of these items are from the dollar section at Target & some are things we already had.  I love writing checklists for everything because if I don't have one, I know I will forget something!  Of course, I packed him an abundance of toys.  He loves trains & could seriously play with them all day (not even joking), so thats what I am bringing.  Also, I am bringing a few of his favorite books, new coloring book & crayons, Thomas flashcards, his new sunglasses, his favorite stuffed animal (foxy), diapers, wipes, a few fruit & veggie food pouches, a set of Nuby's traveling utensils, an extra set of clothes (you never know...), a pair of socks to keep his feet warm, his favorite blankets (he LOVES to be comfy as you see in the picture below), his binky, face & hand wipes, some crackers & his new sippy cup from Replay Recycled.  And yes, I put everything you see in this top picture ALL in his fox "pack pack"!

I know Oliver is going to have so much fun on this trip & I cannot wait to share pictures of our trip!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend & enjoy spending time with your loved ones!

 He seriously loves being comfy & always asks that I put a blanky on him! ;)

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