weekend in DC

Happy Monday everyone!  I wanted to point out that I have changed my blog name to 'Darling Nightingale' instead of 'Little Sweet Fox'!  It has always been in the back of my mind of wanting to change the name, but I haven't had time to really do it!  Also, I changed my blog design around, so there may be a few glitches or updates that need to happen, but I hope you like it & thank you for reading!

A few weeks ago, we decided to spend the weekend in D.C. with Matt's sister, Jillian & her husband Cole.  They were living there for the summer & it was their second to last weekend staying there, so we wanted to see them before they headed back to their home in Idaho.  Plus, I was honored when Jill asked me to take her baby announcement pictures!  Now, I am no way a professional photographer (a dream someday), but I thought it would be fun and carefree since they were family... No pressure :)  

We arrived in D.C. area in the afternoon & our first stop was Georgetown Cupcakes.  I watched the show, D.C. Cupcakes, all the time & their cupcakes taste so yummy!  This was our second time having their cupcakes & they are definitely worth the wait in line!  After I took this picture of the cupcakes, I was completely surprised that they re-posted it on their Instagram account!  Pretty much I was on cloud nine that they would post a picture of mine!

The next day we decided to go to the Eastern Market (located in Capital Hill) & had the best breakfast at Market Lunch.  Oliver & I split their french toast with fresh peaches & blueberries (he ate all my blueberries) & it was probably the best french toast I have ever had!  Not to mention, their prices are really cheap! 

After breakfast, we went to Redemption Hill church, which is located in this old theater.  It was so beautiful, but so hot & humid inside! Then afterwards, we quickly grabbed some coffee & then headed back to their place to put Oliver down for a nap.  While Ollie napped, the guys went to a baseball game & we stayed at the apartment & us girls got ready for their baby announcement pictures!

I want to point out that Georgetown is my favorite place to visit.  I would definitely move there in an instant if we won a ton of money ;)  They have delicious cupcakes, macarons, burgers, shops & ice-cream sandwiches.

Ok, here are some of the pictures I took.  I took over 300, but I am NOT going to share all of those because you would be here forever!  Again, I am not a professional, just someone who loves taking pictures for fun!  

All in all, we had so much fun visiting Cole & Jill & we CANNOT wait to see baby girl or baby boy! Congratulations you two & we are praying for that little miracle :)

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