My friend Steph Pollock (check out her blog here), started the hashtag, the daily moments & I thought it was such a neat idea! Just to share snippets of our daily lives so we wouldn’t forget them. I was so excited to finally start doing this & this Tuesday was perfect because it snowed!!! The day ended up not being planned, with Matt getting into a car accident, but we are extremely thankful that no one was injured. God protected Matt & the other vehicles, in what could have been a more serious accident. It honestly made us think how precious & short our lives can be & how it could be gone in a second. Matt is still a little shaken, and his body is sore, but again, praise Jesus he is doing well. Anyways, here are the daily moments from yesterday & thank you for following along!

Here is a list of things behind the photo starting from the top down. Introduction picture was Ollie right before school at our home in the snow!

1. Ollie was so excited that there was snow & he couldn’t wait to play in it at recess.

2. These were the oils I put on his feet this morning before school! He loves Brave (Valor // Frankincense // Orange // Stress Away) & I put on Healthy for wellness (thieves // frankincense)

3-5. After dropping off Oliver at school, I usually come home & either clean or start on my work for the day. I decided to clean this morning & so I vacuumed, did the dishes, laundry, cleared the kitchen counters & cleaned the bathrooms. The snow was slowly starting to melt, but was still so magical looking!

6. Even though these flowers are on the verge of death, they are still so beautiful. Matt surprised me with them the other day & I think they are my favorite! They are called Super Freesia from Trader Joes!

7. I brought out this yarn & heated up my coffee so I could start on a blanket project, but forgot I had to respond to a few important emails.

8. I LOOOOVE smoothies & this is the Arbonne protein powder one in chocolate flavor (vegan) & it is probably my favorite protein mix EVER! I add coconut milk, wild blueberries & spinach!

9. We went & brought Matt a coffee to his work & visited him for awhile. Oliver had so much fun talking with one of his co-workers!

10. Of course, Ollie had to have a penguin cake pop (his favorite)!

11-12. When we got home, I diffused some oils (lavender, citrus, peppermint, grapefruit, purification & thieves) & finished unloading the dishes, getting things ready for dinner & packing Ollie’s lunch for the next day.

The rest I didn’t document because right after taking the picture of his lunch for the next day, Matt called me & told me he was in an accident. I actually didn’t believe him at first, but then he kept saying it & I silently panicked & asked if I needed to come & if he was alright. After he told me he was ok, besides being a little sore, we hung up the phone & I just prayed. Earlier at his work I had asked him to go to the market to pick up last minute items for dinner because I knew Ollie was exhausted. He said he would & then I drove home. On the drive home I figured I would just get the groceries & told Ollie we would be quick in the store (he isn’t a fan of errands). I called Matt to tell him I would just do it, but then I remembered he needed to put gas in his car, so he said he would just do it. I went home & know wished I would have just picked up the groceries myself. After the accident (he literally got in the accident by the grocery store in the intersection), he had told me that as he left for work, his co-worker told him to drive safe (TWICE)! Kinda weird when you think of it. Matt wasn’t at fault either, he had a green light, but the oncoming car decided to gun it through the light to make a left turn, which he should have waited, but it was a young kid that had his permit, driving with his dad. Matt ended up hitting the back end of their car & they hit another vehicle. His airbag came out & ambulance were on the scene, but he was fine. Anyways, we ended up waiting for over an hour because of the police officer getting statements/insurance & then having to wait for the tow truck. Ollie was crying pretty much the entire time because he really wanted to be in the accident… I think he thought it would have been fun & he was sad because he missed out??? I have no idea, but we ended up just getting Chick-fil-a for dinner & headed home to rest. Matt & I talked awhile after & I put some panaway oil on his neck & back (it helps muscles). Pretty eventful day & I just pray we never have that scare again.

I hope you all are having a great Wednesday & even though this day was a bit out of the ordinary, I am thankful we are all home.

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