our Easter (a little late)

our Easter (a little late)

With finals, knitting orders, graduation, moving, road tripping across the U.S., settling in at Matt's parents house, Oliver & I being sick for a few weeks, I have finally got around to posting about our Easter (insert rolling eyes emoji).  It was our last Easter in Virginia & it was a very special one.  We woke up & headed to our favorite local Starbucks & got our coffee & whip cream for Ollie, then went home & made a special breakfast.  Ollie then opened his Easter basket & we listened to a sermon from our church in Virginia.  Ollie has been on an Easter egg hunt kick & so we did a massive one in our backyard & I filled them with pennies & a few chocolates.  Then we headed inside & he dumped all his eggs on his bed & started counting all the loot!  Here is the items we put in Ollie's Easter basket:

Easter basket  Xinh & Co 

Wooden bowling set  Little Cottonwood

Sebastian the Lamb  Cuddle + Kind

199 Things Under the Sea  Usborne

Outdoor Book  Usborne

I also wanted to talk about this amazing rug we received from Lorena Canals!  I chose the Bereber Beige rug in size 4'8" x 6'7" & it has worked perfectly in Oliver's room & also our living room!  The best thing about this rug is that is WASHABLE!!!!  I know... I am just as amazed as you are ;)  All my rugs in my house aren't washable in the washer machine & it is such a pain to spot clean or just clean the entire rug in general.  And another awesome note is that ALL of Lorena Canals rugs are washable!  Perfect for messy fingers & dirty feet!  I just really love the style & feel of this rug & what sold me was the tassels!  Ollie also loves how soft this rug is & when I first laid it in his room, he put his face against it and smiled.

Here is the link of the rug:

Berber Beige Washable Rug

If you would like to follow along with Lorena Canals, here is their social media links!






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Again, thank you so much for reading my blog & supporting me to keep going!  Some products were given to me in exchange for my honest & unbiased review.  As always, I am honest with you all & only choose products that I personally love!



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