We are here!  It has been a week since we have arrived in Hawaii & it is so good to be back home. We have traveled so much in the past few months & it is good to settle in one place for a bit.  We decided to come to Hawaii since Matt is studying 12-14 hours per day, getting ready for the bar exam in late July.  I know we were in his way & I missed my family, so it was a no brainer to go to Hawaii for a little over a month.  

So far, we have gone to the beach, hung out by the pool, visited with friends, taken long walks & seen the prettiest sunsets.  It has been hot & humid, but my parents have a pool & so it has been nice to just relax & have Ollie just play in the water.  Here are a few pictures from this past week!  Also, if you guys are ever on Maui, you need to go to The Farmacy!  It has the best acai bowls & smoothies!  At the end of my trip, I will do a blog post with a list of my favorite things to do & see on Maui.

he was a little scared to stand on the lava rock

such yummy acai bowls

gorgeous sunsets!