Morning Drive

It has been cold the past couple days, so we took a early morning drive today, just to get out of the house.  Of course there was coffee involved (I'm on a chai with a shot phase & Matt is a plain coffee/americano guy).  Ollie has really wanted to go on this carousel at a local market & after getting enough quarters, we realized it didn't work, so Matt spinned it around himself.  He really enjoyed it though, but now I have a pile of quarters ;)  Here are just a few update things that have been going on since we moved:

  1. Moved to Oregon
  2. Living with the in-laws for the summer (while Matt studies for the bar exam)
  3. Ollie has been loving hanging out with all his cousins
  4. There is no Target where we are (insert sad/crying face)
  5. Matt studies ALL DAY LONG
  6. Ollie has a new favorite stuffed animal (he named it stingy... it's a pink sting-ray)
  7. Ollie got his first ever library card
  8. I miss knitting
  9. All our stuff is still on a truck somewhere in the U.S.
  10. Me & Ollie really want a kitten