Traveling with AWAY

It has been almost two weeks since we left Virginia & moved to Oregon for the summer!  We spent about 6 days traveling across the northern part of the U.S., witnessing some pretty incredible things.  The part of the trip that really stood out to me was when we stayed in a cozy cabin just outside of Yellowstone National Park.  The drive getting there was beautiful & the weather was a perfect 60 degrees.  We saw buffalo, elk, deer, antelope, big horn sheep, & a few gophers.

We stayed at the Pahaska Tepee Resort in Wyoming, just outside the east entrance of Yellowstone.  The staff were really friendly, even though we arrived late at night.  We stayed in the cutest little cabin with a small deck that overlooked the trees.  But to say that it was all dreamy would be an overstatement.  Oliver had just started getting a stuffy nose, so he ended up sleeping with us. Every hour he woke up crying because it was hard for him to breathe.  I tried everything: essential oils, diffusing oils, & running a hot shower to steam up the bathroom.  Poor Ollie just had a rough night & so did we!       

The next morning, I woke up really early. When I looked out the window, everything was white!  It had snowed overnight & continued to snow the entire day.  We actually really love the snow, so it was exciting for us!  Ollie was feeling a tiny bit better, so we drove down to the lodge & had some coffee & breakfast.  When we drove back up to our cabin so we could pack up to head into Yellowstone, we saw a few buffalo right outside our cabin!  They are amazing creatures & did not seem to be bothered by us driving so close to them.

When we got to the cabin, we packed up all our things.  I received the AWAY large bag in black. It was a lifesaver for our road trip!  It held up so well being lifted in & out of our car everyday & it fit pretty much everything I need for the summer.  The outer shell is pretty much unbreakable & it also has a combination lock which is awesome, so the only people that can get into your bag is yourself and TSA!  It has two compartments & includes a detachable laundry bag which was a plus for me not having to bring garbage bags!  One side of the bag was used for my shoes, make-up bag, toiletries, hair dryer & curling iron, my shoes & my laundry & it had a mesh cover that zipped up that way none of that stuff would come out.  The other side was used for all my clothes!  I honestly felt more organized with this bag & the amount of items I had in it was laughable.  If I had all of the items in one of our fabric bags, it would be bulging at the seem, so this was the best bag for me.

After we loaded up the car, we drove down to the lodge to check-out & they told us that Yellowstone had closed all their entrances because of the snow!  We couldn't believe it & were so bummed.  We could have waited another day for the park to maybe open, but we decided to just head to Salt Lake City, Utah.  We were getting pretty exhausted with being in different hotels every night & just wanted to get to Oregon as fast as we could.  But, we will always remember this trip & we hope to be back soon & actually experience Yellowstone! 

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