Graduation Invitations with Basic Invite

Graduation Invitations with Basic Invite

The day is finally here... Matt is graduating in less than two weeks!  

Let me tell you, being a law student or law students wife for that matter, is not for the faint of heart.  It has been a crazy couple of years, & to say I am excited for this day is an understatement.  I am so proud of Matt & all of the hard work he has put into getting to this moment.  I will be honest though, & say that it doesn't even feel like he is graduating!  We have been so busy with packing up our home, work, knitting orders, pretty much life in general & we haven't thought much about this day!  One thing I knew that needed to get done, was Matt's graduation invitations.  I was recently introduced to Basic Invite & loved all their graduation announcements.  It was hard to narrow one down because I had fun ideas for all of them, but Matt wanted a simple invite, so that is what I chose.  

The one I chose is called, The Simple Senior, which has bold text, semi-faded the picture in the background & a matte finish (which I just love matte anything).  You can preview your designs whenever you want, which helped me because I kept changing everything!  You can also choose the color of the fonts, so I went with a simple black to make the wording really pop with the invitations.  Another option that I LOVE, was that I could have them print our name for the return address (seriously saved me so much time).  You can also have them print everyone's addresses on the envelopes, but, since I am a last minute all the time kind of person, I didn't utilize that option.  Another feature that is great is that all their envelopes are peel & stick which means NO licking & getting that nasty envelope glue taste in your mouth (insert happy dance) & it saves so much time!

(Sorry, I blurred part of the invitations to take out his school for privacy reasons)

One thing I have noticed, is that a lot of other invitation sites only let you change a few things, but Basic Invite lets you change pretty much EVERYTHING!  Basic Invite lets you choose your design, customize it, & then choose envelopes to match.  Their site offers an array of colors & not only lets you choose the text color, but also lets you change all the little details.  From the color of the flowers in the watercolor design, card shape, the background color & even the font.  They also let you order custom samples.  This really is a great option to let you see how your invite will actually look & then you can either order them afterwards or change up somethings that you want to do differently.  Besides just graduation announcements, they have wedding invitations, baby announcements, personalized stationery & pretty much every holiday or event you could want an invite for ;) 

I am really happy with how Matt's invitations came out & will definitely use Basic Invite from now on!  They even included a few extra announcements in our order for free which was really nice!  If you would like to go check them out, I will leave all their social links down below.

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