Graduation & Father's Day Gift Guide

Graduation & Father's Day Gift Guide

Graduation & Father's Day are approaching fast & what better way to show your appreciation than by giving them a gift!  I know there are so many budget's that we all have to keep, so down below I have ideas that are both on the lower & higher end, yet all are perfect for your man (or a guy you know).  Down below, I start off with the least expensive & work my way up!  Hope you all can get a few ideas for gifts from this post!


1.  Coffee Beans

Matt & I love to go on dates to local coffee shops.  One coffee shop that we love is Roast Rider Coffee , which is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  We really like their coffee, especially their nutella americano's, so I knew Matt would really appreciate a bag of the coffee they sell.  Since we have about 8 coffee contraptions to make coffee  at home, I figured some nice coffee beans would be a great addition.  They serve George Howell espresso beans & so I bought a bag of his Alchemy Espresso & it is so good!  It was around $17.00 for this gift & so, even though this is local to me, you can always go to your favorite coffee shop & see what beans they use & get some for a gift!

2.  A Mission Belt & Buckle

Over the past few years, every Father's Day or birthday, we have given Matt a new belt from Mission Belt company.  We had first seen them on Shark's Tank & I remember Matt thinking what an awesome product it was!  There are no holes in the belt which really helps prevent cracking (we have had to throw several other belts away because they have cracked & split because of the holes) & each one is made of leather.  The other thing we really like about their products is that they are interchangeable!  Matt has a few different colored belt buckles & he can easily switch them with a different colored belt.  Each belt ranges from $20.00 to $22.50 & the buckles range at the same prices as the belts!  They also have different options where you can purchase a belt & buckle together & also really neat gift sets!  Another really neat idea that you could give is their Closet Hanger's!  They are a great way to organize your belts & at $1.00 a piece, make a perfect little addition!  Matt is seen wearing the 40mm Tan Leather belt & the  40mm Gold Buckle.  The belts work really well, whether they are dressing up or dressing down, plus, they also have the cutest kid's belts (which might be fun to twin with your kids).

You can find out more about their amazing belts by following along on their social channels!

Website:  Mission Belt

Facebook: @missionbeltco

Twitter: @missionbeltco

Instagram: @missionbeltco

Pinterest: Mission Belt Co

3.  A minimal watch from Arvo

Another great gift idea is a new watch!  I have seen Arvo watches & have loved their minimal look.  Matt has such a difficult time finding watches he really likes, so when I saw the minimal aesthetic of these watches, I knew it would be perfect!  Matt is wearing the White Timeous Edison Brown Band & he loves it!  He wanted a watch that he could wear while at work & also just hanging around the family.  If you are looking for a beautiful & minimalist design watch with great prices that range from $64.95 to $119.95, then I would definitely get an Arvo watch!

You can follow along Arvo & find out more information through these social channels!

Website:  Arvo

Facebook: @arvowear

Twitter: @arvowear

Instagram: @arvo

Pinterest: Arvo

4.  A Leather Bag from Johnny Fly Co.  

Since Matt is graduating law school, I wanted him to have a reliable yet functional messenger bag that he can take to work with him.  Matt isn't a briefcase guy, so when I saw Johnny Fly Co. & their products, I knew they were the perfect company.  Each product is skillfully & thoughtfully designed & made to last for years!  All their leather products are tanned with a natural method instead of chemically treated (which is a big plus in my book)!  Matt is holding the Leather Business Laptop Messenger bag which will function perfectly at his workplace or even when we travel!  I am a zipper/compartment person & this bag has several different compartments, including a place for your laptop & sunglasses!  The really neat thing about this bag is that it is made to get softer & darker with time.  And bonus, when you purchase this bag, it comes with a free wooden sunglass case that will fit perfectly with your sunnies!  This particular bag is $260.00 but is a wonderful investment for your guy!  They have many different products that you can also check out which include sunglasses, messenger & camera bags, bowties, phone cases, backpacks, duffle bags & more, which means you can find all different types of gifts that will suit your man!

You can follow along Johnny Fly Co. & find out more information through these social channels!

Website: Johnny Fly Co.

Facebook: @JohnnyFlyCo

Twitter: @JohnnyFlyCo

Instagram: @JohnnyFlyCo


Thank you again for reading & hope you all are having a great week!  Let me know in the comments of some other gift ideas you all are planning for your man! 

*I received some of these products in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts & writings are my own.

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