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Oliver's Big Boy Room part two

Oliver's Big Boy Room part two

Oliver LOVES whales!  He's pretty much obsessed with them & anytime he spots a book, picture or even swim trunks with whales on it, he wants it.  He also knows all the whale names by heart & depending on the day, his favorite whale is the humpback!

I first decided I wanted to do his room in a ocean/whale theme when a sweet friend of mine showed me the whale decals from Urban Walls.  They were adorable & since we are currently renting, I thought they would liven his room up & make it really fun for Oliver.

After I received the decals, I started brainstorming what his room would look like.  I am more of a neutral person, but with Oliver's room, I wanted it to be both neutral & colorful.  His color scheme I picked out was blues, whites/creams & natural wood.  I felt that he could grow with this color scheme, hence it lasting awhile.  I guess I was trying to go classic with a bit of fun ;)

We also had wanted Oliver in a big boy bed & knew it was time when Oliver was getting almost as long as his crib!  I found this iron bed frame online from Walmart, but I just went back to link it for you all & they don't sell it anymore!  Thankfully I found the same one at Wayfair!  Funny because the bed frame is called Viv + Rae Oliver!  I guess it was meant to be!  

We also knew that we wanted a really great mattress for Oliver.  When we chose his crib mattress, I researched for days trying to find the best one for support & breathability.  And, that is what I love about Tuft & Needle.  Their mattress is extremely comfortable (I should know, we have one!) & it helps keep you cool when you sleep.  We have actually played in bed with Ollie a few times & seriously can't get over how comfy it feels.  It isn't to firm & it isn't super soft, it is about right in the middle which works for us.  I almost feel like since having this mattress, that Ollie may even sleep a little longer ;)

Finally, I found some fun & cheap baskets from Homegoods & used these to store his toys!  I would have gone basket crazy, but Matt made me stop :)  Oliver especially loves the basket with the lid, it really is his favorite!  One main reason I love basket storage is that they make the room look more put together & if you find some with lids, you literally just throw the toys in & no one will know that it is a mess!  For more kids storage, I found these cute ones on Furniture.com that would look really great in Oliver's room!  

My sister & dad made these ship bookends!!

Thank you for following along & reading my novel of a post.  Oliver's room is my favorite in the house & I am already getting really sad that in just a few weeks, we will be packing away his room.  I linked up some of the products in Oliver's room if you want to take a look!  Happy Friday everyone!

Whale Decals: Urban Walls

Pierre the bunny:  Blablakids

Twin Mattress:  Tuft & Needle

Twin iron bed frame:  Wayfair

Bedsheets:  Target

Baskets & side table:  Homegoods

Small diffuser (similar):  Amazon

Wooden Barn:  Target

More fun storage ideas:  Furniture.com


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