Whale Room

Since I can remember, Ollie has loved all sea creatures & whales in particular, are his favorite.  He practically knows all the whale names & their sounds!  Over the past few years, we have collected sea creature books, whale pictures, sea creature stuffed animals & sea creature toys.    

We live in an apartment rental & I am constantly trying to think of creative ways to make Ollie's room more personal that doesn't require paint.  I've scoured Pinterest & Instagram, always trying to think of new ideas.  One day, I had a friend tag me on Urban Walls Instagram & it was a post about their whale decals & I knew right away that Oliver would LOVE them!  I really didn't know a lot about wall decals & was hesitant about them ruining the walls & since we live in a rental, I didn't want to chance it.  After reading up on their website & hearing what others had to say, I found out that they peel off really easily & will not tear off the paint!

I reached out to Urban Walls & they were so sweet to send me the whale decals & also a fun "Let it snow" decal (perfect for Christmas).  When they arrived, I sent Matt & Ollie off to the library & I started to get to work & put them on his bedroom walls.  They actually were a lot easier to put on than I thought & I literally just used my hands to smooth them on & they didn't get any bubbles underneath.  When Ollie & Matt came home, I took a little recording of his reaction the first time he saw them & it was the sweetest thing ever!  He was so excited & right away started naming the whales.  He loves them A LOT & they definitely added that personal touch that his white walls needed so much!

Thank you again Urban Walls for these sweet whale decals & here is a list of where you can follow along with them!

Website:  Urban Walls

Whale Decal Link:  Urban Walls Whale Decals

Instagram:  @urbanwalls

Facebook:  Urban Walls

Twitter:  Urban Walls

Pinterest:  Urban Walls

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