Vermont: Day 1 thru 4

Last week was incredible!  Matt had a week off of classes, so his parents decided to go on a short vacation to Vermont & Boston & they took us along!  I have always wanted to visit New England, so I was really excited for this trip.  I grew up watching movies from the 1930's-1960's & one of my absolute favorites is 'White Christmas', which took place in Vermont, so naturally I had to go someday.  I am also going to split this week up because of the amount of pictures & video I have.

{Day 1: Saturday, Oct. 15th}

So, after packing a million warm clothes (we thought for sure it would be freezing), we headed to the airport & took off for Boston.  We had a layover in Baltimore, where we got some Chipotle & then a few hours later finally arrived in Boston.  Oliver loves flying on the airplane (he pretty much has flown since he was 4 months old) & it was nice because each flight was around 30-45 minutes!  We packed a few fun books & sticker pads, but because of how short the flight was & the fact that it was during his nap time, he just rested.

After meeting up with Matt's parents, we drove 3 hours to get up to our first destination which was Stowe, Vermont.  We stayed in an Airbnb little condo, which was perfect for all of us.  It was nighttime by the time we arrived, so we couldn't really see what our surroundings looked like, but the next morning we were in awe with how beautiful it was!

{Day 2: Sunday, Oct. 16th}

We slept in a little since we were up late the night before, then made some coffee before deciding what we were going to do for that day.  Ollie was complaining that his head hurt, but I figured it was the altitude & made sure he drank plenty of liquids.  He seemed more tired than usual & his appetite wasn't what it normally was, but again, we just figured he was exhausted from all the traveling the day before.

So, we decided to head to the Von Trapp Family lodge first (again, another one of my ultimate favorite movies was 'Sound of Music') & we just walked around the property & into the lodge.  The scenery was absolutely gorgeous.  I have never seen so many fall colored trees that were so brightly colored.  It was magical!  During this time, Ollie pretty much slept, but would wake up every now & again & complain that his head hurt.  I was getting a little more worried, but we figured we should get something to eat, because he really hadn't eaten all day.

We went to this really neat restaurant called Doc Ponds, & tried to sit outside, but then it started drizzling, so we headed inside.  I would definitely recommend this restaurant because the atmosphere was fun & it had really great food.  Ollie seemed a little better & only wanted to eat a few fries & drink a little apple juice, but it still seemed odd because he loves food!

After lunch, we got back into the car & decided to head to Montpelier since Ollie fell asleep right away.  On the way, we saw Ben & Jerry's headquarters & had to stop to get an ice-cream (they have dairy-free now!!!).  We got in line to get the ice-cream, but Ollie woke up & you could tell he was not feeling well.  Matt & I took him towards the bathroom & just waited near there in case anything happened.  After getting our ice-cream, we decided to head back to the condo & rest.  After loading up the car & putting Ollie in his car seat, I saw the look Ollie gives right before he throws up.  Matt quickly grabbed a blanket & Ollie puked everywhere.  We felt so bad for him. We cleaned everything up & headed back as quickly as we could.  Once we were at the condo, Ollie just slept the entire afternoon till the evening.  We decided to call it a day & went to bed semi early (although there was a football game on, so Matt & I didn't go to bed that early).

{Day 3: Monday, Oct. 17th}

Today was going to be a full day.  Ollie woke up feeling like his old little self & so we got ready & headed to get some coffee at a cute little local shop called PK Coffee.  Sidetone: Matt & I love to go to little coffee shops whenever we travel, even Starbucks & we are totally fine with that ;)  When we were dating, coffee was our thing & it has stayed with us six years later!  PK coffee shop was the cutest inside & I wish I took more pictures, but I didn't want to look to weird.

Next, we headed to the quaint little town of Stowe, a few minutes away from the coffee shop, & just walked around.  I really felt like I was apart of 'Gilmore Girls' & couldn't believe there were towns as cute as this one!  The majority of the towns we saw in Vermont all had white steeple churches, it was adorable.  Plus, almost every building had history & I wished we could have stayed in Vermont at least a few weeks!

Our next stop was the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury.  You guys, it is wonderful here & I full heartedly recommend stopping here.  The scenery is gorgeous & the cider is refreshing.  We also got some cider donuts that were really good & would taste amazing dipped in coffee!  They had a little gift shop where we got our maple syrup, apple crisp pie, Vermont snow globe for Ollie & a cute Vermont moose mug.  We actually went twice to this cider mill because we wanted to get that apple crisp, hence the different outfits in the pictures below ;)

And finally, we ventured off to Vermont's capital, Montpelier.  We ate lunch at a yummy restaurant called, Three Penny Taproom & can I get an amen for restaurants that provide crayons & coloring pages!  Perfect distraction for kids & keeps them quiet for at least a bit while you wait for your food ;) After lunch, we walked around, got coffee (of course) & then we drove around to look for a maple farm (which ended up not being that great).  And then we ended the day with discovering a covered railway bridge that has been shut down for years & so we showed Ollie around & he got to throw off a few rocks!  All in all, it was a busy, but beautiful day!

{Day 4: Tuesday, Oct. 18th}

This was our last full day in Vermont & we decided to visit the town of Burlington.  It's only a 45 minute drive from Stowe & the drive there is gorgeous!  I promise you, there is not one ugly piece of scenery anywhere that we went in Vermont.  It really is picturesque & I could definitely see us living there (I could see us living anywhere, but this place was beautiful).  Lake Champlain buds up against Burlington & you can see New York from where we were.  It was a cute lake town & if you go there, you have to check out Church street!  They have it closed off (no cars can go down that street) for a few blocks, & it's filled with shops, restaurants, coffee shops & more.  We ended up going to this Italian restaurant called, American Flatbread & they had the best pizza crust.  That is when you can tell it's a great pizza, especially when I don't put cheese on mine :)

The rest of the day, we just sat on a porch swing overlooking the lake, getting coffee & macarons & then driving back to the cider mill in Stowe to pick up a few souvenirs!  

We spent the first four days of our trip loving on Vermont & we are so thankful we were able to have this fun opportunity to see all that we did.  Thank you so much Craig & Elena for everything you did!  I will post the Boston trip in a few days :)  Also, here is a little video of our Vermont section of the trip, hope you guys enjoy it!

Song by: Kelly Latimore 'Leaving Rooms'

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My JORD watch

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