Weekend in Pictures

The weekend goes way to fast & I wish time would slow down a bit.  This Saturday, Matt let me have some time alone.  It was so sweet of him to do that & I reluctantly agreed ;)  I got a coffee at Starbucks & stayed home knitting & watching Gilmore Girls.  Matt took Oliver to the aquarium for a few hours & they had a blast!  Even though I wish I was with them, I needed this time for myself.

After Ollie's nap, we decided to go for a walk in our favorite neighborhood & get some iced chai's.  We were right by a waterfront & we saw so many jelly fish & even a sting ray!  Oliver was having the time of his life.  Afterwards, we were walking home & totally stumbled upon a ton of people with their cell phones out & at first we thought they were waiting for some event, but soon realized that it was a Pokemon gathering??  That was our first time seeing one of those & it was an experience!

Sunday, we went to church & since it was our "engagement anniversary" we all went to get some coffee.  When we were at Starbucks, we noticed Oliver had a HUGE goose egg above his right ear.  We tried asking him where he got it, but he talked gibberish & nothing made sense...  I am so sad about not knowing what happened!!  He rubbed it a bit, but then he told us it didn't bother him, so I am trying not to worry, but we will see.  

The rest of Sunday was pretty relaxing with more knitting & Gilmore Girls (I am sort of on a role catching up), while Matt studied & did homework.  Then, right after dinner, we went on a little walk around our neighborhood & saw some fireflies.  I hope you all had a fun & relaxing weekend with friends & loved ones! 

Vermont: Day 1 thru 4