I still can't believe that this is our last year in Virginia.  Even though I can look back & tell you that the last few years have flown by, at the time it felt like it dragged on forever.  Law school is no joke.  There were so many times I felt like I was a single parent & I hated it.  My emotions have been all over the place since day one & I feel like they still will be all over the place until he graduates.  

At the same time, I feel almost sad to leave the place that we have called home for the past two years.  It is bittersweet.  I have loved living on the East coast & seeing so many new places.  All the history & beauty the East coast offers is amazing!  The tiny neighborhood we live in will be sorely missed.  I am totally getting ahead of myself, but I have definitely grown an attachment to this place.

Anyways, this was Matt's first week starting his 3rd & final year of law school!  On Monday, we decided to kick off his first day by getting some coffee (of course) & then we drove him to his first class.  He has one night class that lasts until 9:20pm, but other than that, his class & work schedule has been pretty good.  It has been an adjustment having him gone more, but we just have to find our new routine ;)

This was also Oliver's first week starting preschool.  Matt & I decided early on (before we had kids), that we would like to homeschool or have Oliver attend a private Christian school.  Well, since it is a bit pricey to have Oliver attend a preschool a few days a week, we decided I could just teach him from home this year!  I am not doing a set curriculum & since Oliver is only 3, I decided I would simplify what he learns.  This week I have been teaching him to read & learn numbers 1-3 in Italian.  I have always wanted to learn & know another language fluently, & I love Italy (I have been a few times) & so I thought I could just learn with Ollie!  Then we just read books & I have him independent play or we play together (play-doh, memory game or color).  He has done so well with learning his sounds & he has even read his first word, "sam"!  The book I am using is called, "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" & I cannot recommend it enough! 

I will write more about homeschooling Ollie in a separate post.  Here are just a few pictures throughout our week (& yes, some are Instagram photos).  I hope you all have a good weekend!

Weekend in Pictures

Day two: food journal