Morning Routine

Every morning is a bit different around our house, but our overall routine is still the same.  Oliver usually wakes up around 6:30-7am & waits until either Matt or myself gets him out of bed.  I don't think Oliver realizes that he can get out of bed himself (that was literally the reason we bought the crib conversion... So that way I wouldn't have to get out of bed).  Then, Matt starts getting ready for school & I beg Ollie to get in bed & snuggle with me.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, Ollie says no & then replies with, "let's play." So, I get out of bed & start getting breakfast ready & the coffee going.  The majority of the time, Matt makes a batch of oatmeal before I can get to the kitchen (aka: I'm still in bed), but I still help out with the toppings & help feed Ollie. 

Matt & Ollie have the same exact breakfast every day, unless it's the weekend or a special occasion where I make pancakes or another fun breakfast!  They have gluten-free oatmeal with nuts, chia seeds, cinnamon, honey & some sort of fruit (Matt puts brown sugar in his, which I really don't approve of).  I love packing in as many nutrients as I possibly can get into that oatmeal!  Ollie only has a few bowls to use for breakfast & one of them is this cute little Nuby grip bowl.  I don't know how other kids are, but Ollie can NEVER sit still, he fidgets around so much when he is in his high chair.  I'm always afraid that he will spill his entire meal, but this Nuby Sure Grip bowl seems to work really well & stays on his tray.  Plus, it is the perfect size for his meals & is deep enough that nothing pours over the edges! 

I'm not a huge fan of oatmeal (unless it's baked), so my breakfast usually varies.  I start the day with some Teami detox tea & a 24oz. glass of water where I put about 1 TB lemon & 1 TB of Braags apple cider vinegar (I try & drink all 24oz before 10am & then refill with just water).  Then, I make a protein smoothie with chocolate Vega Protein & Greens mix, spinach, kale, chard, blueberries & almond milk.  Today for breakfast, though, I had a vegan pumpkin muffin (Minimalist Baker has the best recipe which you can find here) & 1/2 a banana.

 After breakfast, Matt goes into our room & studies if he doesn't have a morning class & I start on either the laundry or dishes.  During this time, Oliver will usually want to help me with cleaning or he will go in his room & play or look at his books.  Today, I brought the laundry in his room & folded while he "read" some of his favorite books.  He sat there for about 15 minutes & then noticed that Matt went to the bathroom, so he ran in our room & immediately sat on Matt's office chair.  He does this ALL THE TIME & waits for Matt to come back to the chair and find it occupied.  It's funny, because he waits so patiently in the chair & when Matt comes in the room, Ollie yells that he is working!  We laugh every time & it is such a game to Ollie because when Matt tries to get him off the chair, he grips that thing for dear life! 

Since Ollie is sick, this morning was a lazy one.  Usually, we will go for a walk around the neighborhood, head to the park, or if I have the car that particular day, I'll do all our grocery shopping!  I love shopping in the morning because it isn't as busy as the afternoon seems to be & if you have a child, the less busy, the better!

Since Ollie has been a little under the weather, we decided to watch a show & then we ate lunch & I put him to bed.  Normally, we eat lunch around 11:30am & then he naps between 12-12:30pm.  Ollie takes about a 3-4 hour nap, but since he has been sick, it has been hard for him to take a nap because of all his coughing!  We are praying he starts to feel well with these antibiotics & he really wants to get better because he wants to go to the aquarium so bad!

That wraps up what our mornings typically look like.  Our days are pretty average, but with Ollie, he makes it all pretty fun.  Happy Thursday friends!


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