Recap of Spring break through instagram & iPhone pictures

One more day until Spring Break is officially over & I am trying not to get too sad.  The last couple of years have brought some hard times with Matt being in law school, but the good always outweighs the bad.  Each year, I look forward to 4 things: Fall break, winter break, spring break & summer break (silly right?).  This week we have made so many sweet memories as a family & even though I don't want this spring break to end, I will treasure these moments. 

Matt worked the first two days of break, that way he could have the rest of the week off.  On Wednesday, he surprised Ollie & I with a road trip up to Richmond.  We have never been there, so it was fun exploring a new city.  I am so intrigued with the South & the East Coast, maybe because I have only lived on the West Coast & Hawaii.  I pretty much watch any history documentary I can get my hands on & my dream would be to time travel just to see how life used to be.

Richmond was filled with lots of hills & cute little areas.  We primarily stayed around Carytown, which had tons of restaurants & shops.  Matt wanted burgers, so we went to Burger Bach & we highly recommend this place!  Their burgers are all grass-fed & they make all their sauces from scratch.  After lunch, we headed to Hollywood Cemetery & walked around.  It was actually pretty cool to see all the civil war gravestones & we even saw both President Monroe's tomb & President Tyler's monument.  Ollie fell asleep in the jogger & so we decided to just load him up in the car & drive around.  We drove downtown to see the capital & it was gorgeous!  We really wished we could walk around, but another time. 

Ollie only slept for 45 minutes in the car & when he woke up, he screamed that he just wanted to, "go for a walk."  He does not sleep well in car seats (he used to, but not anymore).  So, we headed back to Carytown & the boys ate some ice cream & we just walked around & looked at all the different shops.  Our last stop was coffee (of course) & then we headed home & got some pizza from a local restaurant.

The rest of the week was made up of a trip to the aquarium, walks around our neighborhood, movies at home & sleeping in (well, Matt & I trying to sleep in while Ollie played in his room).  Even though we have one more day of spring break, this week has taught me to enjoy the little things as a family.  We don't have to go on huge trips just to make memories.  Also, I spent hardly any time on social media (besides posting some pictures) & it felt amazing!  Matt & I have started to make a rule that when we are together, we can't be on our phones.  It's lame that we have to make that rule, but it's necessary. 

I know that it has been so long & I haven't been consistent with my blog, but I am trying to get better with it.  My blog is filled with memories & since I don't journal very much, this is the best avenue.  Thank you all for reading & I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

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