I cannot believe my little baby is two!  I am realizing, each and every single day is a gift.  When Oliver was a baby, I kept thinking, "I cannot wait until he can talk" or "I cannot wait until he can walk"...  I kept looking at the future, instead of focusing on the present.  Of course, you always wonder about things, but I didn't want that to hinder me spending quality time with him.  My phrase for this year was to live simply.  To live in the everyday, without worrying so much about the future.  I tend to stress a lot, & that leads to all sorts of emotions for me.  

For Oliver's second birthday, I kept thinking about what theme I wanted him to have.  He liked cars, planes, Curious George, trains, animals, you name it, this kid liked it!  I was feeling overwhelmed with wanting to plan the perfect party for him.  Well, as it turned out, everything did not turn out how I wanted it...  I decided to make my own invitations (which never got sent), I ordered a shirt that didn't arrive on time (not their fault, but mine for ordering so late) & finally, the cherry on top, we were LATE to his own party!  I say this all because I think it is hilarious how I stressed over nothing.  Oliver's birthday turned out PERFECT, even with all the little imperfections.  

On Saturday, we woke up, sang happy birthday to Oliver & then got ready for the day.  Our first stop was coffee & donuts!  Then, we headed to the farmers market, where we just walked around & looked at all the fun booths.  A couple of hours later, we headed to a local park, where we met up with our friends (who we haven't seen in over a year) & had a little bbq.  Oliver got to splash around in the lake & play in the sand.  At the end of the day, we headed to a hotel, where Matt's parents were staying & Oliver went swimming AGAIN!  This boy is a fish!  It was a full day, but a fun one.

The next day was Oliver's birthday party!  We arrived to our party fashionably late (30 minutes late) & most of our friends & family were there!  We had some balloons, donuts, coffee & bubbles, & that was his birthday!  Super simple & relaxing.  We had so much fun with seeing all our friends & family & were completely blessed with them coming!  Thank you to everyone that made Ollie feel so special that day, whether it was a comment, message, phone call or hug...  Oliver loves you all so much!   

Next time I will spend the $10 for a bubble machine :)

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