Thirty Flirty & Thriving

 Happy New Year!

Okay, so I am probably a little late in saying that, but I just realized that my last post was BEFORE Christmas!  Not going to lie, it was nice to have a bit of a break from posting, but I did miss it.  The holidays can be so busy & I really wanted to focus my time & energy to my family.  As most of you know, Matt had a month off before he started classes again (this past Monday).  Oliver & I loved having daddy home with us & we had the best time as a family.  We literally had days where we just stayed in our pjs, made breakfast & lounge around the house.  It was glorious!  Another reason why I haven't been posting much, is because my laptop is seriously on its last leg.  We went to Apple to have it looked at & it needs three new things: a battery, a fan & a new keyboard...  We have to set up an appointment to get it fixed soon because as I am writing this, I am praying that it doesn't shut down.

For now, I will just update you on our little family.  The beginning of this year I turned 30.  Truth be told, I was not looking forward to this age, but slowly I am learning to embrace it & make it a very good year!  I wanted to do something fun & we decided to go to D.C.  I have never been there & was so excited!  It is a short 3-3 1/2 hour drive to D.C. & we met up with a couple friends from law school who live around there & they were our tour guides for the day!  It was so nice to have them with us because we had no idea what metro to get on or where to walk to.  Thank you again to Jacob & Sicily & their adorable little girl, Evangeline (sweetest name).

(um, just look at her outfit... I want a little girl!)

Our first destination was Georgetown.  Side note: I love, absolutely LOVE, watching cooking & baking shows.  I have watched D.C. Cupcakes since its first season & ever since then , I have wanted to go!  When we finally arrived, there was a line & when you are waiting in line, in the cold, with your 18 month old, it gets a little chaotic.  Poor things, they don't really know how to patiently wait.  But then we got to the doors & all was forgotten.  I got the chocolate birthday cupcake & Matt got the  coffee cookies & creme cupcake & both were so delicious!  I savored each & every bite.  Even Oliver & Evie loved the cupcakes!

After our sugary treat (which was essentially my birthday cake), we walked around Georgetown a bit, then headed off to see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument & the White House.  We walked a very long time & did I mention I wore my brand new boots?  The good thing was that they were beyond comfy & really didn't start hurting until the end.  Looking at all these monuments & seeing the White House, we were just in awe.  You know, you learn about them in school, yet never in my wildest dream (okay, exaggeration) think that someday you will get to see them.  You are literally walking around history.  That is one of the things I really love about living on this side of the U.S., all the history.

(how great is it that we had friends take pictures of us all together as a family!  thanks Jacob & Sicily!)

(Ollie was a wee bit crazy)

Anyways, after a very long day & a very weary, crazy, un-napped little boy, we left our friends & headed back home.  But not before we stopped at Ikea.  Why, why did we stop there when our kid was clearly unmanageable?  I don't really know, but we still had fun ;)

Other than our fun day in D.C. & me turning 30, there really isn't any new updates besides Matt returning back to school.  I really thought it was going to be hard with him gone again, but Oliver has surprised me.  He has been so sweet & kind, hoping he stays like this forever ;)  Also, our 4 year anniversary is coming up!  I am so excited & of course you all are going to be seeing a lot of old pictures of us on Instagram & Facebook, warning you now, they may get sappy.

I hope you all have a marvelous day & just 1 1/2 more days until the weekend!

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