Four years to be exact...

Today is our 4 year anniversary!  I was looking back at old photos (before Oliver) & remember each one like it was yesterday!  The years have flown by so quick.  I wanted to put together a picture collage type of thing of Matt & I together before Oliver was in the picture.  I am so thankful to have married someone as goofy as me & I can totally see Oliver in us! 

Matt, you always make me laugh (even though your jokes are extremely cheesy, but thats ok, because mine are too).  You have been by my side through the hard times and the good.  I am extremely blessed to call you mine & I cannot wait to see where God leads us this next year.  I love you like french fries love ketchup ;)

(taken right before we were married)

(thank you for not smashing cake on my face... although that would have been fine if you did)

(thank you for loving my kissy faces)

(our first camping trip as hubby & wife)

(seattle...totally didn't know that I was prego)

(thank you for staying with my slow self on the back packing trip)

(I love how silly you can be with me)

(don't mind our albino faces, flash was toooo bright)

(town we got engaged in...this is not our engagement picture fyi)

(I am thankful that I can wear heels {or stand on tippy toes} & still be shorter than you)

Love you Matt!

far from perfect

Thirty Flirty & Thriving