our fall weekend

Happy Veterans Day!  

I want to first say thank you to all the men & women who have served & continue to serve our country.  Without your sacrifices, we wouldn't have the freedoms that we enjoy today.  A personal THANK YOU to all my family & friends who are serving right now & who have served.  May we never forget your sacrifices to your families, friends & country!  God bless.  

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is home of the brave." - Elmer Davis


Here are a few pictures from our weekend.  Matt took a day off from studying, so we did a lot of things around the house & also went to a local park surrounding a lake.  My iPhone pictures do not capture the true beauty of the Virginia fall, but they will just have to do.  Oliver absolutely loved walking on the trail & kept picking up sticks and leaves.  He is such a curious little guy that has to see and touch EVERYTHING!  He has such a gentle & adventurous spirit that makes my heart full.  

Our Law Wives Association had a bake sale yesterday, so I made these bad boys.  Seriously, they were probably the best cinnamon rolls Matt & I ever tasted!  I own the Pioneer Woman cookbook & that is where I found this cinnamon roll recipe.  If you do not own her cookbook (which I highly recommend you do), you can still find this recipe here

I know... A selfie... But, you guys NEED to try Mayorga coffee!  We buy ours from Costco (we get the organic Cafe Cubano dark roast) & it is probably the smoothest coffee we have ever bought!  Paired with pumpkin spice creamer & BAM, great start to your day ;)

Oliver & I probably spent a good 10-15 minutes picking up leaves and throwing them around the other day.  His favorite was when I would pick up a bunch of leaves & sprinkle them on him!  He could have kept at it, but it was getting really cold outside ;)

Is his face not just the sweetest thing you ever did see?! 
p.s.  don't mind my fingers ;)

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