Oliver's Mini Room Tour

Can I just say, happy Friday!?  I am so excited for tonight because Matt & I are actually going on a date!  We haven't been on a real date since we were in Hawaii, so this will be nice.  Our good friends are watching Oliver, which is perfect because they also have the cutest son & thankfully they get along really well.  Now, we technically aren't going to a restaurant, but I bought ingredients to make our own personal gluten free (& dairy free) pizzas.  Matt & I love watching cooking shows, so I thought this would be fun!  Then we will grab a coffee & just stare into each others eyes & not say a single word... Who am I kidding, we probably will end up talking about Oliver ;)  

My house is an utter mess at the moment.  I have been running around this past week doing errands & what not & totally put cleaning on the back burner.  The only room that I consistently keep clean is Oliver's.  We spend most of our time in there playing or reading, so I always make sure it is clutter free.  I know what you are thinking...  Why should I keep that room clean if it is just going to get messy again?  Well, my reason is that since we do play in this room a lot, I want it clean when we leave, that way toys/books/clothes & whatever else, do not accumulate into a full blown disaster zone!  Plus, I love his room & it really is the one room that is actually (almost) put together.  I love decorating & his room is so carefree that it makes me happy!  I thought I would share with you guys a mini tour of this beloved room.  Of course, I am always changing things up & adding new things, but for now, this is what it looks like.  For Oliver's Christmas present, I am going to make a fun tee-pee!  He absolutely LOVES when we make forts with blankets under our dining table, so I know he will really enjoy playing and reading in it.

I hope you all have a safe & happy Friday!

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