smash cake // one year

 Yesterday was Oliver's FIRST birthday!  I think he knew because he only took ONE (30 minute) nap... Yikes!  We started out the day with singing him "happy birthday" & then Matt, Oliver & myself went to Starbucks to grab a coffee & get a couple of doughnut's.  I really didn't want him to have a lot of sweets, since I knew he would be doing the smash cake a little later in the day, so I only fed him a couple bites :)  He LOVED the doughnut!  Then, we layed him down for what I thought was going to be a few hours of nap time, which haha to me, it was only 30 minutes!  So, we decided we should run a few errands in town with him & pick up some last minute things for his party today.  Once we got home, Matt took him out to the pool while I baked his cake.  Funfetti with whipped cream frosting & blueberries on top :)  

Smash cake time!  Ollie was super hesitant until Matt shoved his hand in part of the cake, THEN he went to town!  He really didn't eat any of it, just until the very end...  It was so cute watching him tear the cake apart ;)  My dad kept saying, "now what is this smash cake thing again?!" hahaha... He really didn't know what to think about all these new traditions ;)

Later that night, it was present time!  By this time, he was a little bit crazy from pretty much NO naps, so I really didn't know what to expect.  We got out all his presents & Matt helped him open each one.  With each gift, he helped unwrap them & then gave a huge smile after seeing what was inside each one!  It was hilarious!  Thank you so much to our friends & family that sent him gifts!  He seriously LOVED them all!  And Lou, he is wearing the hat today!

Here are a few pictures of Oliver & his smash cake! 

Here is a tiny little glimpse of his growth & change from a newborn to a 1 year old!  I cannot believe how fast time flies & I really wish you could just press pause for a bit!  Oliver can now crawl very good & also wants everyone to help him walk ;)  He is 20lbs & around 30" long with 8 teeth (which he loves to show them off)!  His favorite fruit are apricots, blueberries & watermelon!  We love you so much & cannot even begin to describe all the joy you bring to our lives each & every day!  

Happy Birthday to our little Oliver!

fathers day // Oliver's birthday party

airplanes & haircuts