fathers day // Oliver's birthday party

I will never understand why weekends go by so fast!?!  I know they are only two days, but two days during the week seem to take FOREVER!  This past weekend we had Oliver's birthday party on Saturday & Father's Day was yesterday!  Both days were beautiful.  Sunny, warm & the occasional crazy winds (it gets pretty windy here), but we loved it!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & for all you fathers, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

We had so much fun for Oliver's birthday party!  It was chaotic getting things ready (I am such a procrastinator), but with the help of my entire family, we pulled it off!  It was really nice too, because Oliver took a THREE hour nap... Love when that happens!  We had our family & friends over & it was really relaxing!  We blew bubbles, people went swimming in the pool, ate perfect summer food, opened presents & devoured cupcakes & rice krispy treats covered in white chocolate ;)  Oliver had so much fun!  He loves being around everyone & he is very social!  We even face timed with his other grandparents over in Oregon (we miss you guys!), so they were able to see us sing "Happy Birthday" & watch Oliver open all his gifts!  Oliver is so loved & we are extremely thankful to everyone that came to Oliver's party, sent him gifts & wrote sweet "happy birthdays" to him!

Now for the picture overload & further down is more on Father's Day ;)  

Items found here:  blue strawswooden forks & wooden knives my sister & I painted them with two different blue acrylic paints.

Father's Day was so relaxing.  We started the day off going to church (which was great!), then to Starbucks, beach then bbq at the house!  Oliver was wiped out when we got back from the beach & went to bed around 8pm.  I will keep this section short, but I just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to all you amazing dad's out there!  I know I am extremely thankful for my dad & for Matt (who is an amazing daddy to Ollie) & also to my father-in-law!  You all work so hard for your family & we are forever thankful!  I have been blessed to grow up with a God fearing father & to have married a man of God!  I love you all so much!

Now, here are pictures of our Father's Day!

my dad & Matt surfing/paddle boarding

Happy Father's Day & hope everyone has an amazing week!

tissue paper tassel garland

smash cake // one year