airplanes & haircuts

Yesterday, we took a morning walk down to the beach & let Ollie go for a little swim.  The water was surprisingly chilly but that did not stop him!  He is a little fish who loves to splash around for hours.  Seriously, the other day we were in the pool for two hours & it was non stop splashing!  I love being able to just WALK to the beach & let Oliver play in the sand & splash all he wants...  We are truly blessed!  Just looking at all of His beautiful creation, I am in awe of His glory!  

"All the earth shall worship You
And sing praises to You;
They shall sing praises to Your name."
Psalm 66:4  

Here are a few pictures of yesterday morning on the beach...

(pre-haircut pictures)

This picture is very special to me because it has my two favorite men!   It also is because Oliver loves seeing airplanes.  Every time he hears one, he stops what he is doing, listens & then tries to find it.  Yesterday, he was taking a little nap in the jogger, when all of a sudden, a plane flew overhead & he woke up quickly & started to babble his words to the airplane.  So cute!

Another event that was extremely special, was Oliver's first haircut!  With his birthday just a few days away (eeeeeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!), he needed a new do since his hair was constantly in his face!  I had to convince myself I could even cut his hair, I was so nervous!  Plus, I just kept thinking how sad to cut his beautiful, copper locks...  My sister & I watched a few You Tube videos about cutting babies hair, so I thought I was a pro by the end & could master the hair cut to a tee!  I was pretty much wrong (hahaha)!!!  Sure, there are a few long stragglers left behind, but Oliver was moving like crazy so that is definitely a valid excuse ;)  Overall, he did pretty good & we think his hair looks adorable, but I am thinking next time, we head to the salon ;)

He looks SO handsome!!!

On a side note, we went to the ER last night because I thought Oliver had an ear infection (he was screaming & scratching at his ears, SO naturally I assumed)...  Two hours later & come to find out, it was just a lot of ear wax build-up!  Yay for being a paranoid parent!  We went to Walmart to pick up some recommended baby Motrin from the doctor & I saw a baby onesie that said "Daddy's know some things, but mommy's know EVERYTHING"...  I asked Matt if we should get it because naturally I thought it was true, but then he reminded me of this recent ER visit, oops ;)

Hope you guys have a great day!!

smash cake // one year

the many faces of oliver