our tiny oregon apartment

Even though we had a tiny apartment, I absolutely loved it.  It was our first home when we got married & same with Ollie's first home!  Many holidays, birthdays, coffee dates, waffle making Saturdays were spent in this tiny little apartment.  I am a sentimental person and took a few pictures of our place.  Although, I am kicking myself because I forgot to take pictures of our room and the kitchen.  Oh well.  I want Oliver to look back and see what his first home looked like.  I am missing Oregon already and it has just been a little over a week!  I am definitely excited for where the Lord has us right now, but also don't want to forget where He first placed us!  So here are just a few pictures of our tiny apartment we called home ;)   

(the baby room pictures are by Jessica Baum Studio Photography)

summertime smoothie

good-bye oregon, hello maui!