summertime smoothie

The past few days have been very hot & humid here on Maui!  There hasn't really been any wind, so it just feels muggy...  Poor Oliver, he has been so sweaty & you can literally see sweat drip down from his head!  We are definitely not used to this weather ;)  

We had bought a Maui pineapple a few days ago & I have been waiting for it to ripen!  Side note:  To tell if a pineapple is ready, smell the bottom of the fruit & if it is fragrant, the pineapple is ready to eat!  So, after spending a few hours at the beach, we came home to a perfectly ripened pineapple.  To cool ourselves off, we decided to make a refreshing smoothie.  This recipe is inspired by the lava flow drink (non- alcoholic), except in smoothie form :)  It is really easy to make & tastes so good!


1 entire pineapple (save juice)
1 banana (we have apple bananas, very sweet & yummy)
3/4-1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
handful of frozen strawberries
about 2-2 1/2 cups of ice


-Puree the strawberries with some of the pineapple juice, set aside
-In a blender, add the pineapple, banana, ice & about 1/2 cup of the coconut milk
-Blend until smooth, add more coconut milk if needed
-Pour some of the strawberry puree in a clear glass first, then pour half the glass with the pineapple & banana smoothie, then top with strawberry puree!

Enjoy & stay cool ;)

(I wish I knew what he was thinking...)

(We had the beach pretty much ALL to ourselves!  Pure joy!)


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