good-bye oregon, hello maui!

This past Saturday we left our home of La Grande, Oregon & moved to Maui for the summer.  My mother-in-law was so sweet & drove us all to Portland where she treated us to a fabulous meal at Petite Provence.  We highly recommend this French Bistro & Bakery to anyone!  The food was delicious!  I had the BLT with a side of fruit & a soy mocha.  Anything on a warm croissant is extra yummy!  Then we walked around the neighborhood to see all the cute little houses & their amazing yards full of beautiful flowers!  Spring is full of life & so refreshing after the drawn out winter months.  
We then headed to the airport & boarded our 6:30pm flight...  WORST IDEA EVER!  Here is a little advice, if you have babies or small children do not take a night flight!  The airlines put all the children & babies strategically in the back of the plane, which is both good and bad.  Good, because we were near the bathrooms & we had a whole row to ourselves!  Bad, because not only does your own child scream, but so do many other children...  Oliver did well in the beginning, but then it was his bedtime & he is so used to sleeping independently in his crib, that putting him to sleep was a nightmare.  He fell asleep for an hour which was nice, but then the man in back of us kept coughing.  Not a regular cough, but an ear piercing horrible cough that ended up waking Ollie.  Did I mention the flight was 6 hours?  Then, after Oliver's menacing screams, he finally fell asleep the last 45 minutes of the flight, only to be awaken on the decent down.  So, Saturday was a long day.  The drive to Portland took around 4 hours, then the flight was 6 hours...  We FINALLY arrived on Maui & got hit with a wall of sticky, humidity.  We LOVED it!  My dad picked us up & then went home!  I love seeing my family & it is nice that we will be here with them for a few months!       



Yesterday evening, Matt & I took a walk to the beach & this was Oliver's first time seeing the ocean!  He kept staring at the waves!  Then Matt buried his feet in the sand & Oliver didn't know what to think about that, but when Matt went to clean his feet in the ocean, he knew he didn't like that!  I am excited to see Oliver swim in the ocean very soon!

Also, a little side note...  I submitted a photo of Oliver to Parents Magazine, so if you would like to vote for him to be kid of the week, that would be AMAZING!  You can click here to vote!  Thank you!

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