arizona // part two

Picture overload starts....NOW!

(can you tell he is tired)

Arizona is such a beautiful state.   When I was in third grade, my family moved over to Prescott from Maui & I really liked it!  Partly because my cousins were there & the other part was because I like to see new places.  I love to travel.  Growing up, we moved around a lot.  My dad owns his own construction company & so he would build houses, we would live in them for a short while, then he would sell them.  Over all, I have lived in about 20 different houses, 2 college dorms, & 1 flat.  I have lived in Oahu, Maui, California, Arizona, England & now Oregon.  Needless to say, I am pretty happy where I am right now!

During our Arizona trip, Matt went golfing with my uncle & dad.  It was good bonding time for them since my parents live in Hawaii & we never get to see them.  My mom & aunts planned a family picnic at the park with games & lots of food!  Oliver & I soaked up as much sunshine as we could while everyone else played baseball.  The rest of the week we watched funny you tube videos, drank lots of coffee, ate at In-N-Out, played XBox Kinect & did a little skateboarding ;) And BONUS, we got to see the Grand Canyon from our airplane!  Overall, the trip was pretty mellow.  It was nice just to soak in the heat & be with my family.  I think Oliver loved all the attention & wished our family was closer...  I hope we can do it again next year & thank you dad, mom, uncle Rick, aunt Miriam, Robbie & Kelley for everything!  It was so much fun seeing you all!  Love you

five months

arizona // part one