arizona // part one

This trip contained a lot of "first's" for little Oliver.  His first time on an airplane, first time in Arizona, first time meeting his grandpa, great grandparents, aunties, great aunties, great uncles & cousins!!!

I was extremely nervous for our flight to Arizona!  Not just for Oliver, but for the other people on the plane.  I just know what someone is thinking when they see a baby on their flight...  I know I shouldn't worry about other people, but I did.  Thankfully, the flight attendant gave us our own row & Oliver did pretty well considering.  He cried a few times, so Matt & I had to bounce him around until he fell asleep.  I cannot even imagine traveling by myself with an infant!  The flight from Boise to Phoenix only lasted an hour & a half which was great.  Once we arrived at the Phoenix airport, it was a perfect 78 degrees.  So different than the 40 degree weather we have! 

My parents & sisters live in Hawaii, which means we hardly get to visit.  My mom came to Oregon when Oliver was first born, so she was able to see him... just not my dad or two sisters.  So when we arrived in Arizona,  it was a very special moment when my dad met his first grandchild.  There were tears, smiles, hugs & laughter.  My sisters were also excited & even brought Oliver the cutest little outfits!  My family just went to Disneyland the day prior to arriving in Arizona, & my parents got Oliver his first Mickey Mouse sweatshirt (I may or may not be a HUGE fan of all things Disney).  So sweet.  Oliver is extremely loved.  The first day in Arizona, we hung out at my aunt & uncles house, where they made the yummiest roast & veggies for dinner.  Then headed over to my cousin & his wife's house where we stayed the entire trip (thank you Robbie & Kelley).  The next day, we rounded up everyone & ate burgers at Joes Farm Grill, which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives.  Delish!  They even had gluten free hamburger buns which Matt was extremely thrilled about ;)  After burgers, we walked to this cute cafe, The Coffee Shop & ordered iced coffee.  Their baker, Jessica Cuff, was featured on Cupcake Wars & all her cupcakes looked heavenly!  Sadly. though, I was toooo full to eat one after the burger & fries ;)  Besides the great food, we were so blessed to be able to go visit everyone & are so thankful my parents made it happen!  
This post ends a little abruptly, but I have to make dinner so arizona part 2 will be coming soon ;) 

arizona // part two

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