labor day

Sooooo, I have been pretty lazy about getting on here to write a new post and I had one in mind I wanted to write last week... Just didn't work out that way.  So here I am, sitting in our dark, quiet living room, writing about our Labor Day.

Matt totally surprised me... I had NO idea he had that day off and found out the day before!  He is so sneaky!  He told me that he wanted us to spend the day at Wallowa Lake and have a picnic!  I love him.  Wallowa Lake is where we got engaged 3 years ago and it is such an amazing place filled with awesome memories.  I am glad that Oliver gets to now be included in our family adventures and able to create new memories!

So, that morning we hurried and got ready, made a picnic lunch and headed up by 10am.  It was such an awesome FALL day!  Can I just tell you how I am so excited for fall!!!  It is my FAVORITE time of the year.  The drive was rainy and the weather stayed in the 60's for most of the day.

When we finally arrived in Joseph, We stopped at Arrowhead Chocolates to get an iced hazelnut milk, dark chocolate mocha!  DELISH!  Plus they have all these amazing chocolates that they make themselves!

Did I mention how much I LOVE the fall!?!  The leaves were even turning colors!  After coffee, we walked around the adorable little town and then headed to Wallowa Lake to have our picnic.  The lake was so beautiful with the fog hovering over it (should have taken a picture).  Right as we finished lunch, it started to pour!  We quickly raced to our car and unloaded all our stuff, then took the jogger (Oliver was fast asleep) and walked by the lake.  Then we took a "Sunday drive"...  I love all the cute little cabins with smoke coming out of their chimneys.  Someday it would be amazing to own one ;)  

The bummer was that the entire rest of last week was HOT!  And it is predicted to be in the 90's this week.  Oh well, we had an awesome family Labor Day (which I secretly wish could happen every day!).

fall, friends & dark chocolate mochas

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