fall, friends & dark chocolate mochas

Dark skies, chilly rain & yellow leaves all mean one thing: fall!  

My good friend Michaela & her husband Matt came down from Seattle to visit us & meet little Oliver!  We met in college as roommates and have been friends ever since!  They have the cutest little dog, Coco, which made me seriously debate about getting a puppy.  Matt (my hubby) quickly shot that idea down for the millionth time.  I have wanted a puppy for a very looooong time & since we have a tiny apartment we decided it would be best to wait...  Having a baby to take care of usually keeps my mind off of the puppy idea (which makes Matt happy).
Anyways, when they arrived we decided to head up to Joseph & Wallowa Lake.  It is my favorite place to go, especially in the fall!  We stopped at Arrowhead Chocolates & drank some dark chocolate mochas (did I ever mention they give you a spoon to lick which is dipped in dark chocolate...?  Well, it is AMAZING!) & also shared some of their chocolate candies.  Then we walked to beecrowbee, where they have the best lip balm & yummy smelling soaps.  They also have the cutest shop & make a lot of their own products (perfect place to go Christmas shopping!).  Finally, we drove up to the lake, but it was really windy & rainy so us girls & baby Oliver stayed in the car while our Matt's went to check out the river & lake.  
It was so fun having them here, and I wish we all lived closer!  

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