thunderstorms & a wedding

This past week was a busy one.  My husband's sister got married this past Saturday!  There was a lot to do & dinners to go to and family to see and we loved every single bit of it!  The wedding was absolutely beautiful; even though it rained off & on and there were a couple of thunderstorms (which actually sounded pretty amazing).  The wedding took place at this gorgeous place called Bingaman's Pond, just 20 minutes from where we lived, and had such beautiful surroundings.  

I offered to make her wedding cake & dessert table as a wedding gift.  Nerve-racking for sure!  I wanted them to be perfect and did not want to mess up on anything.  Now, I am definitely not a professional baker, but I do like to bake... So I thought, why not!?  There were definitely some late nights & early mornings but it all worked out!  I made 3 cake flavors: dark chocolate with a dark chocolate custard filling, carrot cake with a cream cheese filling & a champagne cake with a champagne custard filling.  Then I made some dark chocolate & cream cheese cake pops, lemon zest madeleines & strawberry lemonade cupcakes!  Everything tasted so good & I was so happy the bride & groom liked the desserts!  Will I ever do a wedding like this again with a semi-newborn baby... probably not :)  But it was definitely fun to try out new recipes to see if it all worked out! 

She was a gorgeous bride and he was a handsome groom!  They are the sweetest couple and we were so happy to be a part of their beautiful day.  Congratulations Austin & Joel!  We love you!

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