Sunday Drive

This past Sunday was the first time in weeks that I felt more like myself!  I am finally feeling better after having some respiratory issues/cold & flu.  So, we got up early, went to church & then headed to spend some quality time as a family at a coffee shop.  It was pretty cold that morning & on the mountain we saw snow, so we decided to head up to Bogus Mountain to go play in the snow.  The drive wasn't long because it was becoming a white out & we decided to stop on the side of the road & play a bit in the snow!  It was freezing, but we were so excited it was actually snowing!

Days & moments like these are my favorite.  I am so blessed to be able to have a child & show him all of God's creation!  Snow always reminds me of a new beginning & even though there has been so much stress & anxiety these past few months, I know that the Lord always has a plan, & His is perfect.

Lisa NightingaleComment