To the man who turns 30 today...

{ WARNING:  Super cheesy, lovey dovey post about to commence! }

I just want to say happy 30th birthday to my Matt.  Instead of writing a long post about how GREAT he is ;)  I thought I would post 30 things (with pictures)about what I like about him.  These are in no order, but they can be cheesy, strange, over the top lovey & honest.  Of course, there is more than 30 things I love about Matt :)  

Here we go...  For you, my Matty:

1.  I love hearing you laugh

2.  I love how you know that I would rather go on a coffee date than a dinner/movie date

3.  I absolutely adore your smile

4.  Out of everyone else in this world, you chose me

5.  The way you bend over in pictures because I am so short

6.  You love the ocean & traveling

7.  You aren't afraid to be silly 

8.  You like to be cheesy with me

9.  You like going on camping trips with me (he really does ;) )

10.  You try and make me laugh daily

11.  You are pretty darn cute

12.  I love how we were friends first, before we dated

13.  I love how you think I am accident prone, so you always watch out for me

14.  I love how you stay behind with me when we are backpacking

15.  I love how you leave love notes for me still

16.  I love how tall you are ;)

17.  You are EXTREMELY photogenic

18.  You are so sweet & kind

19.  I love it when you ask me everyday if the outfit you are wearing looks good

 20.  I love that you will watch chick flicks with me

21.  I love how great of a father you have become

 22.  I love how you will take drives with me  

23.  I love how much you love the Lord  

24.  I love how laid back you are  

25.  I am thankful for all your hard work you do for our tiny family  

26.  I think it's cute when you TRY & play a prank on me  

27.  You are genuine  
28.  I love your hugs  

29.  I think you are so cute when you wear a hoodie sweatshirt  

30.  I love it when you make me feel pretty, even if I have no make-up on & wearing sweats ;)

Bath time with Nuby

My favorite healthy snacks with Nuby