Mommy & Ollie Favorites

It is Thursday & I am excited to share with you all some of my current favorites as well as Oliver's favorites!  You can find the last one I posted here :)  For me, this is just something fun I like to do & I always love reading other women's favorites & reviews on different products because it helps me decide if I want to purchase that particular item!  Also, I know every child is different in what they enjoy, but these are truly Oliver's current favorites :)

On another note, I am so excited for Friday because that is the day of Matt's LAST final of this semester & then he has a month off!  It has been a lot harder than I thought, with moving to a new state & having Matt gone or studying all the time.  At the same time, these last few months have flown by & I am really hoping this next month will go at a turtle's pace ;)  I am thankful that Matt has been so diligent with studying & if you all could pray for him tomorrow as he takes his last final, that would be great!
Now on to our favorites!

Kikkerland Disposable Straws I am an absolute fan of these biodegradable straws!  I use them all the time in my iced coffees/water/juice/etc..  Even Matt uses them ;)  Plus, they make every drink festive!  These particular straws are from Amazon, but many times I just hop over to Target's dollar section & they have straw packs there as well!

EOS Organic Lip Balm  I have two of these lip balms in Sweet Mint & Strawberry Sorbet.  They smell amazing & feel great on my lips!  Another plus is that I can easily find them in my diaper bag/purse & Oliver loves playing with them (perfect when you forgot to bring a toy to the market)!

Clover Bamboo Circular Needles I adore knitting & consider it a relaxing hobby.  I really like using the bamboo needles (I buy mine from JoAnns) because they do not make that clanking noise that the metal needles do.  I have been knitting since college & always have wanted to open an Etsy shop...  Maybe just a dream, but we will see ;)

Knit Wrap/Robe I am so bummed Target doesn't sell the robe that I actually have (this is the closest one I found).  I bought a gray quarter sleeved jersey robe from Target last year (right before I had Oliver).  I wanted a light robe (I get hot really easily) that felt soft & this was the perfect one!  The one I linked still is the same material, it just has full length sleeves!

Monsters Straw Sippy Cup Oliver loves drinking out of my cold tumblers & so I thought I would     get him a fun one as well.  We found this sippy cup at Target & I thought it was so fun with all the cute little monsters on it! He loves drinking out of it & it is perfect for smoothies as well.  It does say dishwasher safe, but I recommend not putting the straw in the dishwasher because it WILL warp (learned from experience).  

Green Toy Tug Boat Oliver actually got this little boat as a present for his 1 year birthday & he still loves it!  It is his favorite toy to take in the bath (it does float) & he even plays with it outside of the bath.  Plus, it has a wide spout that is great for rinsing him off!  What I like is that it is made in the U.S. & from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs!

Tommee Tippee Bib Ok, so Matt & I should have purchased these way earlier for Oliver, but I didn't see the need.  Boy, was I wrong!  We had been using cotton bibs, but his clothes were so messy after every meal.  A friend had these for her son & so we decided to try them out.  I love them & they catch everything!  Plus, Oliver uses them when he is teething (weird I know), but the rubber feels really good on his gums!

Baby Einstein Amazing Animals Oliver LOVES this book!  This book is great for learning different animal noises (especially when mommy & daddy's animal noises sound awful!).  This book keeps Oliver entertained at home or in the car for a good 5-10 minutes (which to us, seems like forever). 

Happy Thursday & again, all these products were either a gift or we purchased them ourselves ;)

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