our weekend

(blurry, but at least we are all in the same picture, sort of)

Let me just start off by saying that Virginia weather is strange...  I love living here, but for example, todays high is 72 degrees & tomorrows high is 38 degrees!  I have been seeing all my Oregon & Idaho friends post pictures of how much snow they have been getting & I am super envious.  I love the fall weather but I really love snowy weather!  I will always take a snow day over a warm day.  Yes, I am weird & not many people understand, but I love the cold!  
In other news, I think we have rats living in our walls.  Disgusting.  Gross.  EW!  I have to call maintenance but I am stalling because my house looks like a bomb went off & I am embarrassed for the maintenance guys to see it!  Am I the only one who is like that?  Any who, early this morning I woke up because I heard a clanking sound in our kitchen.  I woke Matt up & then we searched everywhere, but never found any varmints (aka rats).  All throughout the morning I could hear little noises coming from the walls.  It sounds like there are a hundred rats chewing on the wall.  Gosh, I need to clean the house ASAP!
Ok, now about our weekend.  It has been nice because Matt has been taking Saturdays off from studying & spending the day with us.  I am forever thankful to have him all to ourselves for 1 day during the week!  Since Starbucks was having their B1G1 holiday drink special, Matt thought it would be fun to go.  I always  get iced coffees from Starbucks & so getting a hot holiday drink was a treat!  Plus, I finally got to enjoy their red cups!  I got the caramel praline & Matt got the peppermint mocha.  I am not a huge soy fan, so I asked if they could do 3/4 water & the other part soy.  It was really good!  Oh & we ordered extra shots, because 1 shot is just NOT enough in a 12oz cup!  We then took our coffees to go & drove to this really neat state park called First Landing.  It is where the colonists of Jamestown first landed in 1607!  The park has lots of trails & so we brought the jogger & wandered around for a few hours.  It was really chilly & poor Oliver didn't really have a coat (we need to get him one) so we bundled him in warm blankets!  After the park, we went to Whole Foods to buy ingredients to make gluten free pizza for dinner.  We love pizza, but since I am dairy free & Matt is gluten free, it is hard to just go to a restaurant & order a pizza.  Plus, I love making our own pizza because we get to personalize how much or how little ingredients we put on ;)  Even though I love hanging out with Oliver, it is nice when we put him down for the night & then Matt & I can just hang out together.  
Sunday, we went to church & then Matt studied the rest of the day.  I took Oliver to Target to get him some food pouches & never will I go there on a weekend!  It was so busy, I had to park at the end of the parking lot (which I guess is good, because I need the exercise).  I think as the holiday season starts to get closer, every store gets busier.  I personally love shopping in the mornings on the week days.  There are hardly anyone ever in the stores & Oliver can walk around freely without getting into someones way ;)
Here are some family pictures from Saturday at the park.  I hope you all had a marvelous fall weekend & have a happy Monday!

 Poor Oliver, most of the time his face looked like this from being so cold.

Oliver's outfit:  Beanie & Mittensskinny jeanssweater (on sale now!) & sneakers.
Thank you aunty tina for the sweater!


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