Road trip across America

First, we would like to say a big THANK YOU for everyone's sweet comments about my last post.  We are so thankful for everyone's prayers for our little Oliver.  He is in God's hands & there is no other place I would want him to be!  So thank you again, we love you all & miss you guys!

This post, I wanted to sort of do a throwback of our road trip across the U.S. because I realized I never posted about our journey!  Mainly, I just want to show pictures, because sometimes words cannot describe how beautiful every state was!  This was the first road trip across the U.S. that Oliver & I have ever been on, whereas this was Matt's third!  We really thought every state we traveled across was beautiful in it's own, unique way.  It took us 6 days to travel across 12 states!  We traveled from Oregon to Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia & finally Virginia.  I didn't want to eat out a lot since we were trying to save money, so I made lots of trail mix, protein bars & we had almond butter with jelly sandwiches!  We saved our going out meals for things that we really wanted to eat, like In N Out, Chick Fil A, & lots of BBQ!  Oliver did really well in the car & we tried to stop at rest stops so he could run around to get his energy out!  Overall, we had a great experience filled with some sketchy motels, yummy food, amazing scenery & fun family moments.  Now be prepared for tons of pictures! 

(We miss you Oregon)

(Stopped and saw friends & family in Idaho!)

(Visited a dear college roomie... Miss you Whit!)

(We had too...)

(Lots of windmills in this state!)

(I was a tad bit bummed not being able to pass through Des Moines, where part of my family is time)

(We went to Kansas at night for Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, so I wasn't able to get a good picture, so I will settle for this)

(Amazing BBQ!)

(Kentucky sign here... Also, why not take a Starbucks picture... Haha) 

(West Virginia sign here... Beautiful state filled with so many trees!)


fall break

God of comfort