Pinterest Friday: Oliver's Reading Nook

Happy Friday!  

Today was a day filled with little sweet moments.  Driving Matt to class in the morning & catching up, a last minute picnic with Matt & Ollie (Pooh was brought along of course), Starbucks drive thru date with Matt's cousin & rocking my little off to sleep (hardly ever happens).  I treasure these little moments that God blesses us with.  Sometimes I can be wrapped up in ALL the things that need to be done in life, that I forget about slowing down & enjoying these little moments.

I talked about how Oliver is loving books in an earlier post, & it has been a dream of mine to make a little reading nook for his room.  With our new apartment, his room is actually big enough to have one!  I browsed through Pinterest & saw so many cute ideas!  With a tiny budget & some unexpected gift cards, we decided to purchase a couple of white picture ledges from Target (only $12.99 each).  They were really easy to hang & it is amazing how they can transform a room!  I wanted them to be a bit high so that Oliver wouldn't hang on them or pull them down.  I also keep the special (paper back) books on the ledges & in his Brio walker we keep all the books that he can throw around ;)

His little room is a work in progress, but here are just a few pictures of his reading nook.  I really hope you all have a wonderful weekend enjoying the last bits of summer!  

(These photos were taken a few weeks ago)

our tiny little weekend

did you say pumpkin spice waffles?