No reservations

Today is a very special day.  Four years ago, Matt asked me to be his wife.  I am not HUGE on anniversary days for everything, but with Matt & I, there is an exception ;)  
We had only been dating for about a month, but two weeks into our relationship, Matt told me he loved me & we talked about marriage!  I know a lot of you already know our story & some may think that is really fast & I totally agree!  But at the same time, we knew that the Lord put us perfectly together & we wanted to get married.  
When I first moved to Oregon, I recently had just broken up with a guy that did not respect me or my values.  I decided from then on that the next guy I dated would be the man I married & also I had wanted us to be friends first.  Not to mention, he had to love the Lord above anything else.  Pretty much all the guys I have dated, we weren't friends before, which is fine for some people, but for me, those relationships never worked out.  Plus, deep in my heart I knew that these guys were not who God intended me to be with.  I still dated them, just could never get the courage to say "I love you".  In Oregon, the first few years I was there, I never dated.  I wanted to be patient & seek the Lord.  During those first two years, Matt & I became really great friends & we always were hanging out.  Of course, I had a "crush" on him, but I tried not to let that interfere with our relationship as friends.  It was hard.  I remember my very good friend asking me if I had any reservations towards him in my heart (as I had with other guys I had dated previously).  This was the first time in my life that I had no reservations for him.  He loved the Lord & had such a kind heart.  In July, we started going out & then a month later, he proposed!  It may have seemed fast, but we knew it was the Lord.  

Here is our proposal story:

Saturday, August 28, 2010 was abnormally cold.  It was raining in town, & I had to work the morning shift at a locally owned coffee shop.  Matt had told me the day before that he was going to take me to Joseph for a picnic date!  I absolutely LOVE picnics and I absolutely LOVE the cold.  But in August, it is usually one of the hotter months in Eastern Oregon.  That day was an exception.  So, after my shift ended, Matt picked me up & we started the hour drive.  The temperature kept dropping & I was getting super excited with all the rain!  On the other hand, Matt was really nervous & was getting annoyed because he thought that the rain was going to ruin everything.  I kept reassuring him that I enjoy the rain & I kept saying that it would be so cool if it would snow...  Well it did!  He took me up on the Wallowa Tram & it just started dumping snow!  

Here is a picture of us going up the tram.  We look so young...   

Here is a couple pictures on the top of the mountain.

While I was taking pictures of the snow (as usual I like being the photographer), Matt was building a snowman.  So cute.  He told me to come look at it & when I came over he asked me what I saw.  On the snowman's little stick arm was THE RING!!!  Matt then got on one knee & started saying things to me (I was so excited & nervous that I completely forgot everything he said) & then he asked me to be his wife.  I said no... just kidding, I said YES (obviously).

The snowman...

Right after he proposed... Yes, Matt had long hair ;)

Shortly after, they kicked us off the mountain because the snow was getting worse.  So, we drove around the lake & then he took me out for a delicious dinner at Vali's Alpine Restaurant.
Seriously, it was perfect.  My favorite time of the year is fall & winter.  Mainly because growing up in Hawaii, it was summer year round.  I still love the snow & that day was amazing!

So, happy proposal anniversary to my Matt & I love you forever & ever (sorry for being so lovey dovey).  

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