Matt's birthday

June has been such a crazy, but fun month in our household...  My mother-in-law's birthday, Oliver's first birthday, my sister's birthday & Matt's birthday, not to mention Father's Day were all in June!  Lots of parties & special memories have been made this month!  Another exciting thing is that yesterday, Oliver started to take a couple steps just on his own!  It has been a blessing being here with my family & having them get to experience watching all of Oliver's "firsts"!  I am already getting sad just thinking about leaving...  

For Matt's birthday the other day, we went to the beach in the afternoon so that he could go paddle boarding.  It was really neat seeing my dad & Matt surfing/paddle boarding together.  The waves were pretty small, but they still had a great time!

At the end of the day, my dad & Matt put Oliver on the surfboard...  He was a little unsure of the whole thing, but he loved being in the water!  That kid seriously will just run into the water if he could!    

Hands down, Maui has beautiful sunsets!  I absolutely am in awe every time I see a sunset!  God is THE perfect artist!  

 Overall, Matt had a really great day!  We ended it with pulled pork sandwiches & a gluten free ice-cream cake!  Side note: my sister bought Jurassic Park on dvd & we just watched it last night...  Let me just say, "WOW"!  I will admit, some parts still scared me, but we have come a VERY long way in our cinematography & computer graphics!  Hahahahaha...  Probably won't watch it again ;)  
Have a great Thursday everyone!


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