11 months

ONE MORE MONTH!  I seriously cannot believe how FAST the time has gone!  Oliver is 11 months today & in just one, shorter than short month, we will have a ONE YEAR OLD!  Insane!  I feel like I am way behind on planning his birthday, but more on that later ;)

Oliver has adjusted pretty well here on Maui.  The first couple weeks were definitely chaotic & tiresome, but we are now on a good routine.  He finally has started sleeping through the night (which we are SO THANKFUL to Sean & Hannah for letting us borrow their crib!), it has helped tremendously!  And he takes about 2-3 naps a day (depending on how tired he is).  His routine goes something like this:

Between 6-6:30am  Wake up
Breakfast is usually an 8oz bottle with some fruit mixed with oatmeal
play time until 9-930am, then he takes a nap
Between 10-10:30am wakes up 
snack is usually mashed avocado or apples & blueberries pureed
play time then lunch around 12-12:30pm 
sometimes he wants another bottle (we have started giving him a little water...LOVES IT!)
nap around 2-2:30pm
wakes up around 4:30pm then play time/snack
dinner around 7pm followed by a bath & bottle before bed which is 8-8:30pm

I decided to try & weigh him on our scale, so I really do not know how accurate it is :)  But the scale said 18.5lbs...  He still can fit into mostly 3-6 month clothing, with a few 6-9 months (depending on the brand).  He really doesn't play with his toys.  Instead, he LOVES anything that we have out!  For example:  He loves throwing all my mom's nail polish containers on the ground, hitting all the buttons on the remote control, taking the ceramic coasters & banging them on their nice, wood coffee table!  Haha... So pretty much throwing anything & hitting things against something else ;)

Oliver is in love with water.  Total beach/pool baby!  He literally cries whenever we take him out.  He loves to splash or kick the water & makes this cute little face while he does it!  When it is bath time he splashes so much that Matt & I are completely soaked by the end!  Another funny thing is that he doesn't like grass!  I guess it is not soft enough for him ;)  Every time we put him on the grass, he lifts his legs/feet up and won't put them down!  Crack up every time!

 I am trying to savour each & every moment because time literally is flashing before my eyes!  Soon, he will be off to college & I will be in his dorm room balling my eyes out begging him not to leave... Ok, a little dramatic, but you never know what might happen ;)

planning for Oliver's first birthday