7 months

Time seriously goes by really quick!  I feel like I just posted about Ollie turning 6 months!  Life seems to be so much more exciting with Oliver...  He is discovering how to make mommy & daddy laugh & is doing this thing where his mouth is always open (like he is surprised at everything)!  Another milestone has been sleeping on his tummy!  We were extremely nervous about this one.  We lay him on his back, but immediately he flips to his tummy.  After the first night of checking on him at least a thousand times, we decided he is okay & that there really isn't anything we can do about it.  He can still fit pretty good in 3-6 month clothing, just not that size in footsie outfits since he is pretty long.  I find myself trying to make him still wear some of his 0-3 month clothes because they are so cute & it is so sad when you have to pack away his little clothes...  Another thing that Ollie is recognizing is the camera or my iPhone.  He smiles every time he sees me pull it out!  Such a funny little guy!  On a sad note: teething :(  I feel so bad when he is crying in pain!  Sometimes we have been giving him some infant tylenol (doctor approved) when it has been really bad.  He isn't really intersted in any of his teething toys, just mommy/daddy fingers & his fingers.  I have been hearing about teething tablets, but not sure of which ones to get???  Oliver has one bottom front tooth already & the one next to it is about to come up...

At the beginning of 6 months, we started giving him solids.  He seemed extremely interested in everything we ate & would give us the stare down as we would take bites, so I knew he was ready.  The first solid food I made a sweet potato puree.  He was a little hesitant at first & after giving him a couple little spoonfuls, he would shut his mouth tight! Haha... So cute!  I froze the rest since one sweet potato made a ton.  The next food item we have given Ollie has been organic rice cereal.  He LOVES it!  I haven't tried anything else yet, but I found this website which has some great ideas!  

Here is a couple pics of daddy feeding cereal to Ollie & a couple from his 7 month photo shoot (aka: just mommy taking pictures).  

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