1 Week To Go!

I can't believe I am 1 week closer to my due date!  The time has flown so quickly and yes, I am HORRIBLE with posting to my blog. This is all so new to me so please be patient with me :) 

 I am at 39 Weeks. I just took this picture yesterday and I cannot believe how much our little guy has grown!  My doctor says I probably will be late, which was a little disappointing but I figure, "Hey, I've been prego for almost 40 weeks, what's another week??".  Trying to make the best out of the situation!  He is a mover though and my belly is constantly shifting ALL over the place!  Two weeks ago I got to feel his little leg which has been the sweetest moment of my life!   

Here is a sweet picture of our little guy when I was about 19 weeks... Cannot wait to see him in person!

Oliver Matthew