8 weeks and 2 days left to go and then we hopefully meet our little son!  He is due June 6, 2013 but since this is my first pregnancy I have heard that I could be late...  Hopefully not the case, but we will see!  Much to my dismay we have not officially figured out a name yet, but we have narrowed it down to two (which I cannot say because I made a promise to my husband that we would wait until our son was born)... I may or may not have told a few people the two names, but for now it's a secret :) 

So I have officially started the 'nesting' phase of pregnancy.  We live in a very small two bedroom apartment in a small rural town in Eastern Oregon.  When I say two bedroom, what I mean to say is one bedroom and one good sized walk-in closet!  At least that is what we have made it for the past 2 years!  Now, we are switching it up to be the babies room.  Stressed may be an understatement about how i felt when moving our closet and turning it into a baby room, but with the help of my husband we did it!  Next is making it functional cute!  It is a little bare at the moment, but in a few weeks I hope it will be finished!

Here is the crib (my parents bought us as a gift) and beside it is the jogger I have been wanting (still un-opened).

This will be the changing table (borrowing from my sister temporarily) and below are some storage containers from Walmart

So I still have a ways to go till I feel completely relieved!

1 Week To Go!