Oliver's Room Mini Makeover

Since we moved to Idaho, I am slowly making each room feel like home.  I will be honest and say that i still miss Virginia & the little home we had there, but new beginnings can be great too!  With that, I really wanted Ollie to have a fun space where he could lay on his bed & look at books, color, swing & play.  He really enjoys sea creatures & when I saw this gorgeous Roke Ombre Mural in blue from Anewall, I knew it would be perfect in his room.  I decided his theme would surround the ocean, which meant having a peaceful, semi-bohemian & playful vibe.  Also, I hate the word vibe, but it fit so perfectly in that sentence ;)

When I received the wallpaper in the mail, I couldn't wait for Matt to get home to help me put it up, so I put it up myself!  It honestly didn't take very long & it turned out so pretty (besides one sheet that i messed up on, but it still looks good)!  It's amazing how wallpaper can transform a room.  Since all the walls are a sort of taupe color, the blue ombre really brightened up the room too!  Oliver loves the wallpaper & it reminds me of the ocean & so that is the theme of his room i went for.  Also, I ordered the self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper since we are renting, that way it can easily come off when we move!

After I put the wallpaper up, I just switched all his furniture around, added a few items that made his room feel more cozy & then it was done.  Anytime I switch up a room in the house, Ollie get's so excited & says it feels like a new house!  I blame my mom who always changed the furniture & decor in our house every other month!  I love it though & it never stresses me out.  If anything, I love creating new looks in the same spaces because I get bored leaving things as they are for long periods of time.  Contrary to what you may think, I re-purpose items I already have in my house & put them in new places, or I try & find items I love on clearance!

I really hope you love the space as much as we love it & if you have any questions about his decor/room, just let me know in the comments!  Thank you for reading & hope you all have a lovely day! 

Wallpaper:  Anewall Roke Ombre Mural in blue

Bed:  Wayfair Viv + Rae Oliver Platform Bed

End table:  Amazon

Macrame swing:  Adelisa & Co

Pendant Light:  Target


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