Raw, Vegan & Sugar Free Peach Pie

Raw, Vegan & Sugar Free Peach Pie

I recently took a month off sugar & of course, I went through the withdrawals.  Headaches & my face was breaking out like crazy the first few weeks, but after a month, I felt amazing!  I have been wanting to find healthier dessert options & I have made a raw apple pie before & since I had just bought some peaches, I figured this would be the perfect summer time dessert.  This recipe isn't very hard & you can slice the peaches thinly to make flowers like I did (it really didn't take that long), OR, you can just cut them up into cubes!  Here is the recipe & it is family approved!  My husband wanted to eat the entire batch, which we did... in less than 2 days!


Raw, Vegan & Sugar Free Peach Pie

Makes about 1 Pie or 8 mini pies



-16 Medjool Dates, take the seed out

-1/2 cup oats

-1 cup almonds (or whatever nut you want)

-1.5 TB Flax seeds

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1/4 tsp nutmeg


-8 small peaches, sliced or cut into cubes

-2 TB lemon juice


-Using a food processor, place all ingredients for the crust in the processor & pulse until mixture is well incorporated. 

-Using a little bit of coconut oil, grease either your muffin pan or pie dish (that way the crust doesn't stick to the pan/dish).

-Slice your peaches & place in bowl with lemon juice, stir to coat all peaches with lemon juice.

-Press crust mixture into muffin tins or pie pan (be careful not to press the mixture to thin).

-Then add peaches & serve!  You can refrigerate for a few days, but I doubt it will last that long ;)

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