Living room mini tour

Living room mini tour

I wanted to share a little living room mini tour since we have moved into our new place!  As much as I am missing our old apartment in Virginia, I wanted to make our new place feel like home.  I always feel like there are small touches you can do around the home to make it feel cozy & warm.  A tip I have is to start one room at a time, that way you don't feel overwhelmed!  For us, the living room is the place where we hang out the most & so having a comfortable atmosphere is key.  

When we moved to Virginia, I scored this great couch on Craigslist, but after 4 years, it had lost its charm.  The couch had been scratched up during the move & the worst part was that the couch cushion support wasn't there anymore.  As most of you know, I have a knitting business & the couch is where I knit 100% of the time, so I NEEDED the back support.  I had read reviews of numerous couches & what sold me with Burrow was that their couches are ergonomically designed and have great back support!  I honestly didn't believe that it would be supportive to my back, until we set it up & I sat on it for a few hours (sounds horrible sitting on a couch that long right, but I had to do it!) & oh my goodness, it was perfect!  I hope I don't come across cheesy when I say that, but this couch was so supportive & my lower back has yet to feel any pain or discomfort.  Seriously, I am blown away just by that factor alone!

Besides the amazing back support Burrow gives, the couch itself is beautiful.  It is very minimal, which is great because I can decorate it in so many different ways.  Plus, Burrow lets you customize almost every part of your couch.  From choosing what fabric color you want, the size of your couch, if you want low or high arm rests, & now they just introduced wooden legs as an option!  Burrow also designed their couches to be as green & environmentally responsible as they could without compromising the durability in their product.  They use stain-resistant fabric that is free from questionable chemicals & they use U.S. pinewood in the couch frames.  All of their couches are made in the U.S. & are made to withstand some of the harshest things thrown at them (i.e., Ollie jumping on the couch 24/7).

 A huge selling point is that their couches are so easy to assemble (probably took us less than 20 minutes to actually put the couch together) & they are easy to disassemble when we move again!  They also have a modular design that allows us to make our sofa as big or small as we need it.  This is awesome because if we ever move to a smaller place, we will be able to shorten the length of the couch by  taking out one of the seating sections & it would still look great!  

Since we have a long living room wall & we love entertaining, I chose the King sofa, in color Crushed Gravel with a low arm rest & a chaise!  It fits perfectly in our room & really brightens up our space.  I pretty much have claimed the chaise my spot, which is totally fine because Matt lays on the rest of the couch & he actually fits!  He is 6'4" & this couch is perfect for him to lay stretched out without any problems.  Also, did I mention that the couch has a hidden USB charging port!?  It has been my go-to place to charge my phone while I am knitting orders!

We honestly have been really happy with this couch & anytime someone comes over, I am excited to show it off!  Not only do I love the couch, but the people behind the company are so genuine. BURROW is the type of business that I want to support.

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