Starting a new chapter

Matt is graduating in a little over a month & we are so excited.  I want to brag on Matt a little for a second.  He has worked so hard these past three years & it hasn't been easy.  Law school has taken its toll on both of us, but Matt still persisted & never gave up!  He even had a few jobs with going to school full time & that is just crazy.  Flip side is that it was hard.  Emotionally draining, nerve racking, it tested our marriage in ways I never knew & I feel like we definitely have a lot more gray hair than when we began this journey.

Even with all this craziness, I am just thankful.  There were days when we both wanted to just give up, leave & just change careers, but God was faithful.  He stood by us through all of this & we never felt His love more than ever these past three years.  As a husband & wife, we have grown closer, appreciated each other more & loved more.  Sure, every couple has issues & we are not exempt to those, & our lives are far from perfect, but we are daily trying to work on us with the Lord's help!  All this to say, I am proud & extremely grateful for Matt & where he has taken our family.

Last Saturday, we finally made a decision on where we will move.  First off, let me tell you that this was not an easy task.  We prayed & prayed & trusted that the Lord would direct us to the right place.  I prayed for clarity & a peace of mind to wherever we chose & Matt did the same.  The week before we finally decided where we are moving, Matt & I prayed together every night.  And when we weren't praying together, we were praying throughout the day separately.  We basically were deciding between two places, both of which had pros & cons.  Early on, Matt had told me that he already had an idea where we would be going, but we decided that Saturday would be the day we would talk to each other about where God was placing on each of our hearts.

Well, Friday night came & I was so excited, that I couldn't wait & I just turned to Matt & just asked him where he was seeing us.  He told me that from an early on, he had prayed for Washington.  So, that night we prayed & made the final decision of Washington State.  As of right now, we aren't sure as to where in Washington, but we know God will open the right job & right place to live.  Matt will be applying to a bunch of places & we will just go from there.  It will be near the Seattle area since both of us love it there.  

The next day, we spent the day as a family & never once talked about our decision until the end of the day where we both just talked about feeling a peace about our decision.  We are so excited to have finally chosen a place & excited to see what God will do.  Thank you for those who have prayed & thought about us while making this decision!  I hope you all have a beautiful Monday & happy first day of spring!